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I know my soulmate - and you?

Soul mate is one you only have to look into their eyes once when yo meet them. this is akin to love at first site but it happens for a reason. this is not love based on lust but love based on similarity of persona.

for example if you have an iq of over 100 and no one else does but the ones eyes you look into - call this person 'alexi' for example a person for me being by looking into our eyes means we will never be alone regardless of where we both go in our lives. the fact that your soul mate thinks and acts just like you the only difference being gender. i take this as an omen at least we should all take it as one that when we find a person when we look into their eyes and fall madly in love with them. for example the best pick up line for a person like this for me was 'you have kind eyes' because this person did have those eyes the ones of truth. we do not discern between differences in looks which generally offends the general public. people dont understand the concept of not falling in love based on eyes and not on looks. no one since jesus has fallen in love in terms of 'literal actual love' not infatuation or physical desire regardless of looks. why people think physicality means anything is beyond me. we take mating sex or love making as the holy grail of experience. i mean really sex as the holy grail of experience and not love itself? sex is for procreation if you are using to express love then you might as well get divorced because cheating is only the next logical step if you revolve your life around sex because it just does not last regardless of how physically gifted one thinks they are. i mean love making is nice but why not love making by just looking into someones eyes and feeling completely vulnerable simply because you would have it no other way. sex in my eyes is pointless without one you 'truly' love one you would die for and suffer for in an instant and them as well to you. sex is such an empty experience when not in love with someone. probably why most average younger people seem to need to switch their partners every 2 months like they are ordering a mail order bride. if you use sex as your primary source of affection showing then what is the point?

looking into your wife's eyes and knowing that you would rather not draw breath if you two were separated. this is true love not what most think it is. sex is nice but it simply just isnt pleasurable enough to show true affection because it just is simply not adequate regardless of how good it may have felt. sexual pleasure is just to short and pleasureless an experience to not be used for anything less than procreation. id rather join with someones spirit, mind, and body all at once now that is true intimacy.

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