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I knew you were there!

When I was pregnant with my son, my second child, I caught chicken-pox! Not a good thing to catch at the best of times, but during the first tri-mester of a pegnancy.. yikes! I was told that the baby could be born with quite a few abnormalities, but there was no way of knowing until the actual birth. The chicken -pox made me quite ill, and iI couldnt seem to recover from it properly... I seemed to get more and more tired and listless and unable to do normal everyday things. At the hospital, the doctors kept saying "well, you will be tired, you're pregnant" but I knew there was something more going on. I wasnt a Christian at this time, but i was so worried about my unborn child that the only way i could get any rest at night was to place my beby in the arms of Jesus,. I knew somehow that He was there, looking out for him, and then i could sleep in the knowledge that he was safe. When at last, after a horrendous pregnancy i went into labour, after a few hours, quite a few hours actually, I realised that i was exhausted, and when the time came to push. I just couldnt do it!I lay back in my bed, convinced I was going to die. Then i remembered the peace that I had felt, everytime I had placed my unborn child in the hands of Jesus. I said to the Lord "look, i cant do this, I dont care what happens to me, but you have brought this child so far, dont abandon him now! I cant give birth to him, but you can do it, you'll have to, because i give up!" At that very moment (honestly) all the monitors attached to me started wailing and beeping! The nurses and doctors came from everywhere, and my son was born by emergency delivery within minutes (we found out later that he had hd the umbilical chord wrapped around his neck twice! choking him everytime i pushed. When the nurses took him away, he didnt cry, and they kept him so long, that my husband and I thought that he had died, or was so abnormal due to the chicken pox, that they had taken him to the special care unit. After what seemed like an eternity (but ws in reality no longer that 5 or6 minutes) they brought us this little bundle and placed him in my husband arms . " He's perfect" the nurse said, " just a little on the quiet side.. the shock of the birth i expect" I couldnt believe it! we had both made it through. I gave my life to Jesus that night, and have not regretted it once,, and my son is now a strapping 9 yr old, as fit and as healthy as he should be. Me on the other hand, i had quite a shock waiting for me, but thats another story!
Thank you for reading this post, God be with you today and every day.
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