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    I've added a brand new "Night Mode" option to our site design. I'd greatly appreciate your vote on this poll here.

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    Thank you.

I have several ideas to bring more people here.

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New Member
Hello. The following are just little things I noticed upon signing up, things that popped out at me and made me very hesitant to join. I hope these suggestions will be helpful. Please don't take any of this the wrong way!

Length of About Me/Testimony On Profile
When signing up, I was very surprised that we could only write 300 characters for the About Me, and 500 for the Testimony. That means we only have several sentences for either, which is quite small, the smallest I have seen. I've been very confused as to what I should write for either, because I have to be brief. I understand that perhaps the site needs to save server space, though. However, I was hoping maybe the character limit could be increased? It's a bit discouraging to new users like me, who tend to write a lot (and most users, who write even a couple paragraphs at the least).

Amount of Rules On Sign Up Page
Again, please don't take any of this in the wrong way. This is just a little nit-picky suggestion from me and not in any way meant to be rude or harassing:
When I signed up, I was a bit thrown by the list of rules on the sign up page. It's not so much the rules in themselves, but rather the way they come across. It was startling to me that I had to be concerned about my post formatting and signature -- the welcome didn't feel too warm. Truthfully, I considered not joining because I feared that the people here would be commanding and domineering (which is not true). My suggestion: Perhaps to make people feel more welcome, instead of putting the list of signature rules on the Sign Up, maybe incorporate them into the site itself? So that if someone wants to post an image in their signature, a message blocks them from doing it and says, "Signatures may not have images," or something similar. And as for the post formatting/punctuation rules, maybe word them in a way that is gentler, as well as encouraging? I know some people have problems with punctuation because of improper education, or maybe even autism, and it would be a bit saddening to know someone didn't sign up because they felt unwelcome.

So far, these are the only things I have noticed when signing up. Other than these, the site has a nice look and is very clean. I hope more people will be drawn here.
Staff member
Greetings @Glow

Welcome to Talk Jesus

You will be richly blessed here as you talk about Jesus and seek to learn more of His beautiful ways
If you keep your focus on Jesus and sharing His wonderful truths....then you will find this to be a wonderful online fellowship

Thank you for the comments and ideas you raised, which Chad (the administrator) and the team will take note of.

The rules and regulations are very important for keeping Talk Jesus 'clean'
Sadly, there are many who seek to register and join whose motives are to disrupt, blaspheme and bring disrepute to the name of Jesus and the forum etc
Chad works very hard maintaining the forum to prevent these issues.....so that the site is glorifying to the Lord

Bless you

We love Him because He first loved us
1 John 4:19
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Grace and Peace, Welcome to TalkJesus.
The welcome area (Welcome Area )is where new members can post their lengthy introductions. There is also a Testimony section (Testimonials ), to share even more about what God is doing in their lives.

Amount of rules on sign up
The forum rules are Viewable as a member or a guest as you browse the site. It allows guest to fully understand what this site is about before they register. In cases where the forum rules was not read, having it during sign up helps.
Announcements - Press Stand

The punctuation topic, I've yet to see a member ban for grammar or spelling. Some times I have to re edit my own post after taking a second look. It's an international site, with members whose native tongue is not English. The only thing that stands out for me as bad etiquette, is a full caps on post. Moderators would edit it if needed usually.

Example of what can happen when rules are not provided from the beginning.
New member : I tried to do x,y and z and a message shows that I'm blocked from doing so. Did I do something wrong? Can you tell me why?
Moderator : it's for the safety of our members , to keep the site uniformed and clean.
New member: Your website never stated anything.
Imagine the overflow of messages

Last week I was on the phone with a company that raised my fees, I browse the site to find the cost after the 1 year member and no such language was stated on their site. I wrote down all my questions, my trump card was the question,....can you please send me a link to where it states after 1 year it's going to cost $ amount ? I know the answer would be interesting and in my favor.

When you're not fully clear on terms and conditions, it causes confusion and misunderstandings. It may come off as a bit abrupt, but it's better for people to know the conditions up front, than feel robbed, because they did not get the same experience from another Christian forum/ regular forum they also visit.

Again welcome to TalkJesus, thank you for your feedback, everything would be taken into consideration.
Please visit the welcome area (New Members), introduce yourself for members to formally greet you and learn more about you.


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Welcome to Talk Jesus..I myself find limiting to be Good as some tend to ramble on ..The focus is on Christ ! I once had a old minister tell me if you can't share The Lord in 5mins or less you've lost you're crowd..as Christ applies to all in our life so should it be when making a point ...Rev
Staff member
Thanks for your feedback @Glow

Actually, both biography and testimony fields are 2,500 characters max not 300/500. I updated this last month but forgot to update the description.

As for the rules, I think the other members who replied here clarified that. In order to have order and a pleasant place, rules must be applied.

As for the welcome being a bit warmer, I appreciate that feedback and will consider this. I do try to make it as welcoming as possible. Can you explain though how it's not warm or welcoming enough?

The top of the forum rules states this

Talk Jesus is mainly about two things. Edifying the church {believers} and sharing Truth with others seeking answers and understanding of Christianity. If you have not yet received Jesus Christ as Savior, it is likely you've been led here by GOD so you may learn about His love for you found in Jesus Christ alone. We are here for you.
That's welcoming all people to the site and ends up by assuring the visitor we're here for them.

The home page's welcome (in guest view mode) says this

Our Purpose: to show you the love of Jesus Christ, His promises of Salvation & Blessings and to spread the Good News to the ends of the Earth [Mark 16:15]. We're also here to edify the church [Ephesians 4:11-12].
Simple and to the point, about Jesus' love.

As for the list of rules, each one has a very legitimate purpose. I have revised them 2 months ago to simplify them as much as possible without sacrificing the need to express each rule and aspect of the site to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and avoid disruption.
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