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I have Muslim friends. What shall I do?

I have Muslim friends. They were Christians before. What shall I do?

I believe they are very familiar with the Bible that's why if I in case spread the Word of God to them, they may not easily listen to me and could possibly throw questions at me that I don't know the answers to. For example, the 'contradictions' in the Bible that the Islam faith is arguing against, etc.

I'm helpless in this. I'll welcome any help, thanks in advance by the way.
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Hello brother.

This may help.

Ex-Muslim's testimony

Evidence of Prophecies from Holy Bible fulfilled past and being fulfilled now

Share these things with them so that they may see. The Truth speaks for itself and cannot come back void

Isaiah 55:11

11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
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Pray for them brother. God will seek them out and show them the light.By our Christian example we prevail.Something or someone must have caused them to leave the faith. More learned people than I will advise you on scripture.In the meantime show your love for your neighbour as Jesus would want us to through tolerance and respect.Your example is your witness to the truth. God Bless.

Hello... the best way to win them back to God is to be a light to them.....The Lord says in John that you are the light of the World...so let it shine. If you have Jesus Holy Spirit living in you, then let the light of God shine. How do you do that you may ask...making yourself a servant for the Lord...making yourself of no reputation... It is not us that can save them, but God....Be a friend, love him/her as yourself...when their feeling down call...send them browns or flower....just show them love, and what ever you do, do not condem them or try and stuff the word into them...it will just make them bitter.....Let the living word speak to them....if God lives in you, and his word is hidden in your heart, let his word speak to them in love not condemnation.....and as you love them they will see Jesus living in you, and ask why are you so diffirent ...then you can tell them about the God you serve..,...May God Bless you and Keep you.. souls are one through conversation
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Thank you lots for all the help!

I'm still finding ways how to win back these Muslims friends I know of. One of them in particular knows alot about the Bible and he questions me everytime about the authority and infalliability of the Word of God. He always argues there are lots of contradictions within the Bible that's why he found the truth in the Islam faith (from my observations). According to him, different verses contradicting each other plus different versions leaving out some of the meanings are enough to say the Bible is imperfect. :( I in turn debated with him too one time in a school computer lab about the contradictions of the Qu'ran...

I don't know what to do really :confused: , it's like:
1.) He first argues about the so-called perfectness of the Bible;
2.) I present to him several contradictions in Qu'ran too.

and the cycle continues..... we don't end up in an agreeable conclusion. Nor do I win him back to God. :(
Hi Ragingregi!

You may want to look at a couple books that have helped me. I am sure there are others books that can help too - actually these two books I have mentioned reference many other books.

1. A Ready Defense - The Best Of Josh Mcdowell
2. The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict - Fully Updated To Answer The Questions Challenging Christians Today

Number 1 is kinda a summary of his works(books). Number 2 goes into much more detail. They both cover topics such as Bible contradictions, deity of Jesus, the resurrection, reliability of Old and New Testaments, etc. A friend gave me a copy of 'A Ready Defense' and I liked it so much, that I bought 'The New Evidence...'.

Those are the titles as listed on Amazon's website.

God bless!!



Muslim friends

I sometimes feel its useless to tell my muslim brothers about Jesus as they are brain washed with what they have been fed with, its our job to sow and lead a righteous life and pray for our muslim friends.
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Listen. Really, really listen.

I would support the words of advice about living out your faith, and being a good example.

If you have an honest relationship with your friends, then try just listening to them. Ask why they left Christianity for Islam - what have they found in Islam that was lacking in Christianity. (I'd be willing to bet that it is not contradictions in the Bible.)

Keep listening as sympathetically as you can, until you can appreciate the attraction of their faith.

Try not to argue back, or defend your faith.

The reason for this is that to be a good witness to Christ, there needs to be a relationship of trust. To listen and not to judge shows that you are interested in hearing what they have to say, and that you place a high value on them.

Two things are likely to happen. First your friendship will improve. If you hear them out sympathetically, there is not much opportunity for an argument to develop.

Second, and just as important, you gain credibility to talk about your faith. It may not be for a while, but keep praying, and the opportunities will arise.

Don't worry that you will be letting God down by not leaping to Jesus' defence. God is perfectly capable of defending himself. It is more important to demonstrate character of Christ.
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Muslim Friends - What Shall I Do?

God is perfectly capable of defending himself. It is more important to demonstrate character of Christ.

Hekuran, this is an old thread and the last post before yours was, as I recall, three years ago,but, this is still a very important topic. You made some excellent points. God is indeed capable of representing Himself in the court of their beliefs.

Check out Mt 10:17-20. While this citation specifically refers to believers who suffer persecution for their faith, verse 20 is apropos for all who offer themselves as witnesses for the faith - if we do not fall into the trap of trying to fix things ourself, the Holy Spirit will supply the necessary words.

SpiritLedEd: Thank you for your kind words. I didn't notice that I was responding to a question that was nearly four years old. I'll check more carefully next time.

I have had a few conversations with Muslims in which we have both tried to convince the other that we are right and the other is wrong. My experience is much the same as the opening post - an unpleasant, disagreement, in which I feel that I am creating more of a barrier to Christ than being a witness.

Quoting Matthew 10 is appropriate. On reflection, I do not believe that I was following the Spirit in these conversations, rather depending on my own ability to understand, debate and argue the truth.

That's why I suggested starting by listening - it is good manners, and could pave the way to a more trusting conversations, and so a greater chance of being a good witness to Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of bad history between Christians and Muslims, and we have to earn the right to be heard.

I think a very useful model is that of Jesus in conversation with the Samaritan woman in John 4. Jesus takes time to build trust and respect, he allows her to direct most of the conversation, yet he very gently reveals the truth about himself.

As for the disparaging remarks and jokes about Muslims. above, they might be witty but they are not funny. If I were a Muslim coming to this site looking for answers about Jesus and I read them, that would likely be the end of my seeking.
I Have Muslim Friends - What Shall I Do?

As for the disparaging remarks and jokes about Muslims. above, they might be witty but they are not funny. If I were a Muslim coming to this site looking for answers about Jesus and I read them, that would likely be the end of my seeking.

I fervently hope that many Christians who visit this site will read these words and take them to heart. People who post in the Jokes forum would do well to heed them also.

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just love them. you don't even ever have to talk about religion. unless they ask or bring up the subject and if you do don't get into an arguement. most important comandment is to love god and everyone else.