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I have a question?

This has bothered me for a while and i would appreciate an answer from some of the more senior/wiser members.(you know who you are)
What is an appropriate prayer request?
I know we all have different issues affecting us and what may seem important to one person may not to another.There is many prayer requests here at tj most of which are genuine and indeed in need of prayer.I sometimes come across prayer requests that just seem down right trivial or flippant.This bothers me.Prayer has many uses in helping us in life,dealing with issues,repentance,unburdening ourselves etc.Some of the requests just seem to be inappropriate.This is just my opinion and i would appreciate some feedback.
The best response to any "prayer request" is to be done in live chat area as it is not
the Lord's way to "answer someones mail" He responds to "personal" requests.
There is no such thing as a request that is "too trivial" some just "lack knowledge"
on how to "get results" from their own prayers again another reason to fellowship in "live chat" area .
I have been guilty of posting a prayer request that seemed childish, and I again feel the need to apologize. If I have angered you sparky, I am truley sorry. If this thread of yours is based on what you have read from mine, I am sorry. Really. I can not say it enough. I let my fleshly feelings get in the way of my spiritual eyes.
I will try not post any more requests of that criteria again. I will keep them to me and God, for I cannot get into chat cause my computer is weird.
Please forgive me, I am sorry.
Nononono inrobar!This was nothing about you-lol.Im not angry about anything,just curious.If i personaly dont agree with a prayer request,i wont pray for it.Simple as.
Personally, we should pray for everything no matter how trivial it may seem, but I think we should take into consideration what others may think of the request(s) we may make unto/of them.I think, maybe, GOD may smile or even laugh out loud at some of the requests we make to HIM and known to others. We should pray for one another in the way we desire for them to pray for us. We should ask ourselves...will I be thankful if God answers this prayer request as I have prayed it unto HIM...can I thank HIM ahead of time for answering...will this request bring glory to GOD or myself...am I being selfish or is this just a silly, selfish request? "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let you requests be made known unto God."(Philippians 4:6) "Pray without ceasing"(1 Thess. 5:17) The most important thing is to be concerned enough "to pray" about what concerns us and to realize some requests are better kept just between ourselves and GOD.

for me any prayer that we see that is genuine, honest, with humility and from our heart, in love and service of our Lord is a true prayer and as such while i may not post a reply i will gladly join my prayers with these.

God bless


We also need to be carefull though not to pray for things we know we dont need! I agree with the postings so far I just wanted to add that little point. Sorda like praying for another car when you are driving a Lexus.. Joyfully ~ Jlu

p.s oh wait I dont know if I am old enough ... jk lol
Thank you for your replies so far.I think soldier made a good point in saying that theres a difference in asking for a prayer and asking for advice.Some good points to think on-ty.
Good discussion, Keep it up!

Here is my take/opinion/feedback, ...
What may seem not important to one may be to another; like when someone is struggling with something that you think, well hey that is nothing, well it may be something to them be it warranted or not, and vice versa, so it also very good to keep our opinions private in situations when we disagree with ones seemingly trivial trial or request but intercede with prayer anyway for that person to have God's will fulfilled in their life.. Even when it is something silly like pray that I get the new (add your own trivial selfish item here), it is important to pray that they get understanding that God is not just a rich daddy who can fullfill your every desire; but a Loving God who has already given us all things. But above all, whether one agrees with or not someones request for prayer, we should always ask for the Lord's will be done in all situations. We always need to build up the body of Christ.

I have been personally guilty of asking God for silly things and when He says no it helps me grow and attain a better and more complete knowledge

Peace be with you,
I believe any prayer request is worth praying for if the one asking is serious about the matter and is seeking God's will and to strengthen his/her relationship with the Lord.