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I found something to test a truth about Satan

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I found something to test a truth about Satan if he had influence in the congregation, by evoking Satan, to see if this was true, before I may learn what it was to be a witness, to Christ or to show the truth, Satan was influence believes. This Journey took me to many congregations, the Baptist Church, the Lutheran Churches, the Catholic Churches, the Pentecostal Churches, the Orthodox Church, and so many different Christian Churches.
Then as started, each night I got a little of my answer.
Satan did have a huge influence on the congregation, something found me, and I obtain wisdom, little by little, from no background to people I was nobody and could not read properly.
After those days I did the one thing, I call out to Christ every day from 12: midnight for one hour, and in at 5: AM to sunrise crying out his name, I didn't stop until I received an answer then Satan came to me because I was crying out his name, Satan said to me, THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK!
Christ answered my cry! Now has been 40 years, have passed, I have my answer.
knowledge, wisdom, and Mystery, Revelation and Prophecies.
Only because I was courageous enough my faith to seek out Christ.
Not just in a spiritual sense, but in a scientific view. Men saw me foolish, only to deny Christ. The end is not yet! I want to give what I saw of the future, but again Men saw me as a foolish person.
What do you think? What I should do?
I think that you exist, in other words, you also are an 'I am,' and so I think that you should have the joy of life with you.

Everything else is literally lower realm ****, and it's better to get away from all of it.
One thing I know for sure is this; whether captivity by Christ or by Satan, I will sell no one into either--the one is not without the other, and so, we have actual laws in the physical world that do quite well at protecting many, many people, and disturbing those laws by pushing spiritual laws invites 'Satan' and transgressions through the front door.