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I don't know what to do? Help

:shade: Hi yo'll
I'm a praise dancer 4 God when he called me out to be a praise dancer it was about less than 1 year but my mom wants me to stop doing pointe. I've been dancing for 6 yrs. & doing pointe for about 3 yrs & i stopped going to my dance studio cause i was over the age limit.Cause she thinks that its going to make me walk like a duck! Thats only when you have the pointe shoes on! I tried to tell her last night but she wouldn't listen to me. So i was just going to do pointe when i wanted to. It's like a part of me! But i don't know what to do?
Can someone help me? please? anyone? & for a fact i know there are christian ministies out there that have pointe ministry.
What do you think I should do? give up pointe? I can't let it go cause once again it apart of my life & me.

well I dont know about dance but I will pray for you! Is there anyone at your church who can also give you and your mom information about dance? You have a great day and God BLess you!
Hi Godsgirl...first we pray - for open communication between you & your mom & better understanding. And for you to see each other thru God's eyes (always helps). For love to grow in this trial...not to lessen at the enemy's hand.

Secondly, I encourage you to stay true to God's Word, & His Word says for children to obey their parents. Now, your mom isn't wanting you to do something that will bring harm to you - in fact, as she sees it, she is wanting you to stop something that she feels is going to be harmful.

Thirdly, realize that some things happen for a season as well as a reason. Stopping may not be a permanent thing, but just for the purpose of your mom seeing your obedience to her (that's an example).

Last, but not least, study about the dance together. Research it together, ask your doctor together, etc. PRAY TOGETHER.

Being told no can make us do several things....being disobedient & lying (cos that is what disobedience causes us to do) is one....another is growing in faith & our relationship with each other by working thru something together. Don't see it as an end but rather a beginning to another step in walking with Christ.

Hope this made sense....
Banned: Broke Rules Several Times
Some rules are unjust, and to make a rule simply to keep someone down is unjust. It goes against the very concept of justice, it's foundation is made more out of want rather than need and with out need or reason then it is unjust.

Fight the oppression that keeps you from coming into your own. What you do is not something stupid or juvenile, it is an art a misunderstood art. If you have a talent, and I'm sure you do, and god gave it to you then it is to you that must see how it will turn out. Everything is a test, as we learn from everything we do, perhaps this is just God's way of helping you grow into your own person.

But I'm just giving you a perspective on it, take what you like if anything at all. I'm sure you will do well in evaluating your situation. And I'm not disagreeing with anyone who posted before me.
Godsgirl, in situations like this, listen to God, if your mom doesnt understand your choices, explain that your doing what you feel God has called you to do. And get some one at your church to talk to you & your mom about it. im not great at giving advice, but i hope i helped, and i'll pray for you!!!!!

In Him ><>
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Look Up......^
hon you need to relax. your mom loves you and god loves you. give all your problems to him and then trust him you will be ok.

My Mom went to the dance studio & got the paper that tells you what classes are when & stuff. & now she isn't that concerned about the pointe problem. But she is a little concerned about it cause its basically the body isn't able to do it. & my mom is scared that i would hurt myself & wouldn't be able to praise dance 4 God which he called me out to do 4 the rest of my life!