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I Don't Get It

Staff Member
Hi Joe welcome to the forums. Christianity is not a religion but a Way of Life, Truth. Its about a relationship with GOD personally. Its not "religion" even though many by default classify it as that. Religion is man-made beliefs. Christianity is the Way of GOD that Jesus Christ has set an example for us in the 33 yrs that He was on Earth.

Please study the scientific facts and evidence of the Bible on these forums
hello joe, you have recently emailed me and have i am so happy to see that you are curious in this "religious stuff" as you can tell i am willing to help in any way possible and am waiting for a further rendevouz with you so i can get a better understaing of you and figure out you weaknesses and strengths. thatnk you so much for coming to me in this point in your life and i wish i could do more for you. please always fell free. every lamb that is found is worth praisng over!
Religion is mans search for God . Christianity is Gods' search for His obediant children.
We don't have "peeps" in here only people that are seeking Gods will for their life "peeps" seek the ways of the world. If you need more information please stop into live chat we will be more than happy to help you understand more there.
Hey Joe. I have been talking to you and I can see that you want to learn but you get caught up in the worldy stuff. God created you for his purpose... He loves you so much. I dont know everything about the Bible as I am still learning... but I am here to answer any questions, and you know where to find me! I keep you in my prayers that God may open your heart and help you too understand his great love for us! God Bless you Joe!!
Your sis Jessica