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I do not see in the life and though what that of hope.....

Dear My Brothers and sisters support me in prayer.....how to me very heavy can find rest and it is very strongly hurt my health. I cannot will reconcile that has occured in my life and to accept that has occured how I consider, that Daddy (God)has acted with me Very strictly and punishment closes to me heart for belief and light ahead I do not see and almost any more I do not pray, how I can not understand, FOR, THAT SO is Hurt me also a gleam I do not see in the life and though what that of hope.....
Staff Member
I'm not understanding clear enough but I sense that you are wavering in faith and your not sure about "life" in general, about hope in GOD?

I will pray for your needs either way. GOD will help you no matter what. Just keep your faith strong
I also am not sure what you were writing, you do sound weary.

I pray the Lord will lift you up and encourage you this day. Receive his love and stay close to HIm. He WILL see you through.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl