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I do believe many of Christians are Not showing The love of Christ to this world but they are only Trying to make People like Them

By making People to like you, that is not the LOVE of GOD we are commanded to SHARE. because if You are showing The Love of CHRIST The World will not like you but The Love of Christ shed aboard will Reflect how The world treated Him. :pensive: But if you are seeking the praises of men, and seeking such honor you are not walking in The Ways of GOD but the ways that are pleasing to man! And man will honor you and give rewards and put you on the Pedestal and praise your name among the masses. And the world will know you. And lift you up!

So are we trying to be likable, And have considered this "GODLY". Are we putting on a smile on our faces with a Bible in our hand, a Membership card in Good standings and is this the face of "HOLINESS". Speak to me what do you see? Is this what you want mankind to be, a "Respectable"person in The neighborhood, upright citizen in Society, honored and to be praise. A group of people who have establish their own righteousness and have fear, to bring to knowledge that which is "HOLY" and pure and approved of GOD" A disregard The Holy for The Profane:pensive:

When did HOLINESS ever became Favorable and likable and attractable to the world:pensive: The garments of "Holiness and Sanctification " is a abomination to the world and the taste is Sour and a distress to The "Appetite" and less to be desired for this is The world. And the world can only be The World and it cannot change, For this is how it has been design. "TEMPORAL":pensive:

Peter, Feed my lambs, PETER feed My SHEEP, If You Love ME, PETER feed "MY SHEEP"! [ and do not feed them hogwash and Whitewash which is liken to untempered mortar] [ Ezekiel] For when the winds Blows they cannot stand, then they will run for the help that comes from Mortal Men.]:pensive:

For my People knows my name and I know them. for JESUS is The CHRIST of GOD.

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