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I can't wait

You said you would start a good work in me
You have
You said you would finish what you started
You will
You said, "You will be with me soon"
You will
You said, "I am with you always, to the very end of the age"
I know this is true
You said I will be with you in Heaven
You will always keep your promises
You are God
You have made Heaven glorious
And I cannot wait until I see you in Heaven
I can't wait
For you are God

Hi writer for God! I am also a writer for God. From onw writer to another, I would just like to say...You're poem was awesome! God bless you writer, from your friend Witty!
Banned: Broke Rules Several Times
Is this poetry part of the forum about poems and whether they are good or not, or is this for poems related to God.

I like the enthusiasm but as a writer, it was certainly lacking in. . .skill. Aside from hitting me over the head with the message it also relies too much on the image related to it rather than the image conjured by the words themselves.
Staff Member
Wang Master....learn to be polite or learn the way out the door.