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I can only eat the Chocolate!

A Pastor was visiting an elderly widow who was a member of His church.
When He arrived at Her home the kind lady invited Him in and offered Him some tea.
While she fixed the tea, the Pastor sat patiently.
While He waited He noticed a bowl of peanuts, on a table next to the chair in which he was sitting.
When the tea was ready the Woman returned to converse with Her Pastor.
After some time the visited ended, and the Pastor noticed that He had eaten all the peanuts.
Knowing that the elderly woman was on a fixed income, and not wealthy, He said, "Dear Sister, allow me to pay for these peanuts, seeing that I have eaten them all."
The elderly woman, with a smile replied, "That is quite alright Pastor, there is no need, I had finished with them."
Noticing the puzzled look on the Pastors face, she continued, "You see Pastor, at my age and since I got me new dentures, all I can do is suck the Chocolate off of them anyway."

lol........so when you visit church members always ask before you eat the peanuts, they may be missing the Chocolate!