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I can die and yet live

There I stood, Alone and scared.
Walking the streets, Filled with fear.
Thougths rushing through my mind,
as I keep thinking is it time.
Spirits speaking in my ears,
saying thing I don't want to hear.
Telling me I should just die,
Oh how I want to just cry.
Telling me I'll always be alone,
Next thing you know I'm running home.
Something chasing me,
but nothings there,
I'm running,crying, and I'm still scared.
Next thing you know it begins to rain,
I ask Jusus to take away this pain.
I tell Him I'm sorry for my sin,
I tell Him of all my troubles I've been in,
I tell Him that I'm scared,
I tell Him of my fear,
I tell Him I need His help,
Then He fills me with Himself.
He took away all my fears,
and wiped away all my tears.
But now I'm not afraid to die,the way I did,
Cause now i can die and yet live !

'' This dying is doing aways with worldy ( fleshful ) ways and livining a spiritual life were before dying was lossing eternal life don't let the enemy talk in your ear ''!