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I Bind the Satan!

I bind the daughter of Satan in the Name Of Jesus Christ.

I cover everyone in and around this Forum with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ THE LORD our Saviour!

Daughter of Satan be gone from this place in His Holy Name The LORD GOD YAHWAH!

May the Precious Blood 5atan Sabina pour on to you surround you and send you from this place. Be Still and know thy God speaks,

I bind your tongue and fix your hand in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Be still! Be Dumb and receive His binding of your hands and mind!!!!

For you stand on Holy Ground.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Jesus is the Name of the Lord!

Glory to the Name of the Lord!

I stand in the blessed Trinity Of

The Father


Holy Ghost

I bind thee 5atan Sabina and cover all those who read this with your Precious Blood yet again......... The Blood of my Lord and Saviour!!!!...........

I command you within her come out of her and go to that place that The Lord God Yahwah has provided for you in the End Days! In His Holy Name The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ! Praise His Holy Name!


Amen, Amen, Amen!
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I see the Angel of the Lord standing before the Heavenly Altar and he is pouring the Holy oil of the Anointed one on to the top of this Forum the Field of Talk Jesus. The Holy Unction of the Lord. Followed by His Saving Blood. For the propitiation of our Sins and our blessed promise that He is Lord,

He is Lord.

Yes Father He is Lord!!!!!.........Hallelulujah, Yah, I Am ,He Is, our Blessed Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Washed Clean by the Blood of the Lamb I am, Washed Clean by the Blood of the Lamb we are.

Oh what a Saviour!

Washed by the Blood of the Lord I am!

Praise His Name

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me,

Break me, melt me, moulds me, fill me,

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.

Now Colin, Mine, come down for I have done what you have asked and I find it well in My Sight!

Go from this place and rest in that which I appoint for you, for that time I appoint for you.

My Blood Prevails,

Dear Colin: What are you writing about. I have never heard of the "daughter of satan". I pray that the Holy Spirit, helps you answer me and tell me what you are talking about. I know there is evil and the evil one, but who is to be bound, etc...
God bless you and may the Holy Spirit work in you, to bring you a lot of peace and love. Amen :rose:
The Attack appears to be over!

Hi All,

I found myself reading a new membership Screen and message from a satanic-witch just before I posted the above!

No time to debate this with anyone from my previous experience of such matters!.

There is no trace of that message etc. now, praise the LORD!

You Sleepy, Pixie or anyone else feeling disturbed over this matter need not be, for our God is above all other God's, He is the Almighty One, Father, Son and Holy Ghost!!!............. The danger has passed either by my binding prayer, or by a Moderator perhaps, or both, one never knows sometimes or needs to know in these things?

If a moderator is reading this may I suggest a gate-keeper for new members perhaps some time in the future, I would be surprised if this is the first occasion for such as this, have we an intelligent Computer perhaps at work here?

We must be doing something right, Praise His Holy Name!!!

I really should not be here, see you on Sunday night perhaps, sorry Lord!

Yours, in His tender-loving-kindness!

Colin a Christian with a Tin-hat on!

PS. Maybe it is time to suggest some of us may need to consider what I was given after all this,

"You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the Oil of Joy. [Ps.45:7 and Heb.1:9, NIV.}.

Also I was shown that I should ask, "Is there no Balm in Gilead?" [Exod.15:26, NIV.]. Anyone, for I do not know the answer to this one, someone enlighten me please in these circumstances?
Dear Colin2000;

Praise God for you are a Godly man! I have enjoyed our fellowship with you at Talk Jesus. :love:

Your prayer against the daughter of satan, witchcraft, wizardry, is a powerful prayer against the darkness of the anti christ.

I am going ask you, your brothers and sisters at Talk Jesus, and myself to continue praying over your thread. :boy_hug: :love: :girl_hug:

Many of us are still new believers, new to the Word, Christian babes. Many are a bit lost, perhaps a little nervous and don't know how to accept your prayer to our Father. :love:

Bring back the message to your thread in a more lighter tone, brother. This will be an opportunity for you to minister God's calling of spiritual warfare against the darkness of evil.

Thank you, Colin2000! :shade:

Your servant in Christ Jesus. :love:
Dear Bobinfaith,

I am absolutely shattered, exhausted, and joyous in the name of the Lord at the same time?

I must leave you all for I was told to rest in Him tor three days, but i think I can see why I was called back,

Forgive me Lord, but you are always having too do that, and I hope I have not disturbed or frightened to many brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Haven't felt so happy yet exhausted since an al-night vigil in the 1980's in the Spirit under the Anointing.

Bob if you can please explain this lotn to them I think I'm about to fall off the chair again!!!

Colin. Sorry about the spelling?

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Hello, Just registered and thought I'd drop in, I am new to any form of chat/ forum so please excuse my ignorance.
I can say, I'm not new to Satan and his wiley ways, and I see he has tried to send someone to penetrate the walls of protection that must have been placed here.
The devil likes to sneak in and cause confusion in whoever he can and plant even the smallest seed of doubt or distaste to keep one from really surrendering themselves to Christ.. so as to distract especially young Christians from the direct contact with the Lord. It seems that is what was attempted and I am happy to see that He and she was cut off at the pass. Good work warriors.
One habit I enforced for many years was at laying down for sleep I would speak these words,I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind body and spirit and cleanse the dust of the world off of me and anything the devil has tried to put in me is now removed and I am a pure Child of God "

Whether I noticed anything or not I knew that the Blood of Jesus would cleanse it all Rest Safe in His Arms The Devil is only a roaring Lion with no teeth when it comes to a praying sincere christian. Feed on the Word and He will shine in you.
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Pure Love!

Hi All,

Got it in one, Shaylee! Everyone, young in Christ, her last two para's. above 'One Habit', worth another read, and do it!

I've had time to rest in the Lord and He has shown me why I was taken out of this Thread for three days. The penny has dropped, if I had stayed the Thread could well be littered with lots of I's and Me's instead of the first hand witness of the Lord. Granted written by me, but , but , but His Power, His Glory, and most of all His Loving Presence.

Don't ever, ever, ever look or trust in me, or anyone else here for it doesn't matter how goodie-two-shoes anyone is, I/we will always let you down. Keep your eyes upon Jesus! Always look at Jesus and try not to take your eyes off His wonderful face! (Try not to fall into a hole while you are doing that of course! Can be painful???).

I have been reminded of something we used to sing,

"Wherever I am, I'll praise Him,
Whenever I can, I'll praise Him,
For His love surrounds me like a sea,
I'll praise the Name of Jesus,
Lift up the Name of Jesus,
For the Name of Jesus lifted me."

Thank God that when I eventually meet Him, when He looks into my face, He will not see me, but He will see the reflection of His Magnificent Son looking back at Him or I would be destroyed in an instant!

For no one is without sin but Jesus Christ!!!............. ,

Sinless at the Creation!

Sinless during His Mortal Life with us here on Earth!

Sinless on the heavenly Throne with Father and Holy Ghost!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord, Saviour, Comforter, Friend!!! ..........

But lets just put our feet back on His Firm Foundation for a moment!

It is nice to fellowship here with Him as the centre of our Forum! Remember that you are protected by the Blood of the Lamb here! However, I'm not sure that we can slam the door and keep the World out, or even want to? They are the Harvest you see? We might want to keep them out, I might want to do so, but, but, but we are here to follow Him, That means,

"Preaching the good news of the Kingdom,
and healing every disease and sickness." [Mat.9:35 NIV.].
"Drive out evil spirits." [Mat.10:1. NIV.].

Some of you might be asking, "How are we going to achieve that?

Face to face, no problem! On Computer paper, I don't know? Gosh that hurt, I've said it, I don't know???................

But He does! Thank you Jesus! You do know, don't you LORD! Lets for a start take our understanding of God out of the past tense and put Him firmly in the Present Tense because He is the Present Tense!!!..... It is good to read and live with the Scriptures, but what is He doing now today, Do we know??? ...........

Can we ask those who are listening to this to meditate on the following,

"There is power, power, wonder working power,
In the blood, of the Lamb.
There is power , power, wonder-working power
In the precious Blood of the Lamb."

We must be doing something right. The wolves are being attracted to the Forum. They do not bother those who are not bothering them.

Wolves amongst the Sheep?

Sheep with the body Armour of Christ on = Lions amongst the wolves!!! ..........

Praise the LORD Our Blessed Saviour, The Alpha and the Omega!

Pure Love!


Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
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Wolves like to hide with the sheep they can even mimic the sheep.. do all that are wolves realize they are wolves...?
Becomes a lamb! Not like a lamb!

Hi Soon,

The Sheep know the voice of the Sovereign LORD, our SHEPHERD and come to Him when He calls.

The wolves can only mimic the sheep for a very short period of time before being discovered, because they do not know the voice of the LORD! They always cause mischief, they can not understand the ways of the Lord, that is how you shall know them!

Quote:- "Do all that are wolves realise that they are wolves?"

I believe it is bred into them for that is their species! But the Word of God can even save a wolf if he will listen and turn from his own nature! Isaiah.11:6 below. But when a wolf displays proudly the mark of Satan on him/her???

"14. I am the Good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me --- 15. just as the Father knows me and I know the Father --- and I lay down my life for the sheep.
16. I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them in also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd." [Jesus, John.10:14-16, NIV. Blessed be the Name of the LORD!].

The Great Promise for the Gentile Church who believe v.16, us, though we are not of Judaism, we are of the other pen!

The wolf will live with the lamb, [Isaiah.11:6.]. Only after the Second Coming!

There is no place for him amongst the sheep until he is seen to have become a lamb! Not like a lamb?

Your in His Holly Name!

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Take your constant jibberish senseless and useless conversation elsewhere. You have talked sarcasm and jibberish that no one is comprehending.

Goodbye Colin.