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I Believe: Bailee

Staff Member
I Believe:

Christ has made such an impact on my life, and I hope through my testimony many will be impacted. I was saved at a young age and because of that I fear I did not understand the true commitment I was making, but regardless I went to the alter call at a Billy Graham crusade when I was six. I accepted the Lord with my aunt by my side, but it was not until later that the true commitment began.

I always went to church and Sunday School, but my personal commitment was weak. I was a "Sunday" Christian, and I had almost no spiritual commitment outside of church. But this summer I went to a national youth conference in Georgia, and Christ really challenged me to get real with Him.

I rededicated my life to Him, and ever since I have been striving to serve Him more by doing devotions and striving to further His kingdom. He is so powerful, and when I depend on Him more every day I see that more and more. If you haven't gotten real with Christ, I challenge you to do it -- He saved my life.