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I am who I am

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by lifestalent, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Revolutionary concept of the father of Life, simplistically genius for a sheep herder.

    Why do I need to believe any other (Non)image?
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  2. Welcome to the forums. You came here willfully to a Christian community site. Why don't you tell us the reason you came here? Its better to start off understanding where you are in life and your reason instead of us taking a wild guess.

    I'll tell you this much though, Jesus Christ is the image of God. So that rules out the "non-image" part. The global calendar began based on the birth of Jesus. Greatly significant. Personally, I wouldn't have started this site twelve years ago and shared the love of God all this time if I were not convinced of who He is and the infallible Word of God too. I've got only one thing to gain when I see someone coming to Christ, it is joy.

    The bible is the true living and legitimate Word of God. Nothing comes remotely close. Its proven to change lives beyond human power time after time. It spans 1500 years among several human authors that were undeniably inspired fully by the Holy Spirit. When you read all 66 books, you'll see its as if One Author wrote it. Proving my point.

    He performs supernatural miracles around the world even today. In my life as well. No unbeliever can deny that.

    Finally, only Jesus out of all "religions" came down to save us, seek a reconciled relationship with us and God. Free gift based solely and only on grace, rooted in God's love and not our performance.

    I hope you find Jesus! You will never feel satisfied apart from Him. Its impossible. Being in denial won't work. Masking the emptiness through any means won't work either.
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  3. Awesome words of truth there, Chad!
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  4. I know whom I love.
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  5. Profound. Plenty of time to think about that in eternity, wherever the path you choose.
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  6. If you do love this "whom", then you should not be ashamed to tell us why you love said thing or person.
  7. I don't answer to man.
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  8. No more questions about my faith!
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  9. Our heart will tell the truth to those who have been given the ears to hear what we are saying. Everyone has faith in something, but those without faith toward that which is really Good will likely end up on the wrong boat. Give God the glory!
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  10. Good answer! Just so you do not withhold what God has given to be shared with those we recognize as being in need. How can we really recognize the right ones with having received "eyes to see"?

    Give God the glory!
  11. Yes, but I could ask the same question of others faithfulness.

    Which I never do

    Because of this verse

    Phi 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
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  12. Now back to my question.

    Has man complicated the (Non) image of the I am.
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  13. Being saved from countless fiery trials, I know who is my protector.

    But Glory is given to him in my closet.
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  14. Notice that I did not ask you for an answer!
  15. Glory is given to Him every time anyone does anything that pleases Him.
  16. Yes, and it shouldn't be anything new.
  17. Ok.

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