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i am saved

i am truebeliever, this is my story.
I was living the coporate dream flying high, too high almost. I lived life in the fast lane, the very fast lane. It was all cocktail parties, desinger handbags and mocha choca skinny lates . GOD played little to no role in my life. i often wondered what it would be like to be religious to have that little something extra in life that didnt come in a martini glass with an olive on a stick. I spent my time earning copious amounts of money and jet setting around the globe. I didnt know what it felt like to be part of anything true, sure i was a major player in my job and on the company lacrosse team but i really had nothing, no foundation in my life. The more i achieved in my career, earning various promotions and using whatever means possible to get them, the more i became reliant on substance abuse to keep me going. It started with an addiction to cough syrup and quickly, almost effortlessly to vodka and vodka based substances. While on a trip i was introduced to vodka jello. it was to be final sin before i turned to GOD. I returned home and in the midst of a jello binge i passed out. I missed a lacrosse championship final. The team lost and i was fired. For once no amount of sleeping with the boss would regain my job.
For so long i had relied on the goodlooks that god blessed me with to get by, but now i was jobless and moneyless. Piece by piece my pottery barn furniture collection were reposessed. My imported Ikea footstool collection where taken too. It broke my heart. My martha stewart life fell apart. Late in fall i was walking to walgreens to stock up on cinamon tic tacs, a leaf so delicate and beautiful fell in my path. It was so angular and orange like GOD's love for us. I looked up it was from an old tree outside an old church. I felt the urge to go inside and pray.
Praise God and his glorious wonderousness. Ever since then i am saved. I have repented my ways and live a christian life.
I am saved.
Feel the power of the Lord in the trees and leaves.
For they are long living and shaply like his love.
I am but a twig on the tree of life.
I am saved by GOD and i will ever be in his debt.
You hit the nail on the head, you can have all the material possessions, and achieve what society thinks is the top, but without God we are alone in the dark

I hear what your saying truebeliever. When I was around 13 years old I thought I was experiencing everything life had to offer. All I wanted to do was play with my friends and family, go fishing with my dad, and melt plastic toy people when I wanted to go on a power trip and play God.
But God had no real role in my life until I was around 13 years old. I never had any interest in things that made no sense, so on a Sunday when my family went to church, I would stay home and look after my younger cousin Spartacus. As God played no role in my life, my view of right and wrong was a little distorted to say the least. To this day I will never forget the words of my mother (God rest her eternal soul) as she walked in on myself and young Spartacus playing characters from our favourite soap opera, removed
, up against the living room wall. My mother looked the two of us up and down and said; removed
I have been a devout Christian ever since and I would not like to think what path my life may have taken were it for my mother sending me to church. We all need God, Jesus and the Virgin Mother Mary in our lives.
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Wow you guys thanks so much for the touching replies.
FearNoEvil, yes we are all living in the shadow of the Lord untill we are saved. I was totally materialistic like Madonna in that crazy song Material Girl. She was such an icon to me in my youth. Wow the power of music. I have taken to listening to christian music in my dark hours, when i'm alone at night, and temptation resinates within me. I think of the things i have given up, the physical and emotional addiction i had. I have times of despair when i think the lord has lost faith in me and i think of the words of a favorite song of mine, "never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight, never seen you shine so bright...you're amazing" and a fanfare of joy is within me as i know as long as i obey His rules i am not alone and nor shall i be foresaken. Take comfort in his shadow.
BibleFeeler, what an amazing story of pain and misguided youth you share with us. I am humbled by your honesty. I too was a troubled youth. I enjoyed playing competitive games of solitaire. Gambling is a terrible vice and evil of the world. Bible Feeler i sense you were exposed to vices of the body at a young age. What a tragedy for one so young and indeed Spartacus, to be embroiled in. I too was involved in bodily vices I was, and i say it with shame now, a swimsuit model in my teens and early twenties. Mainly bikini but some costume. Everytime i hear a sisqo song or see grapefruit i am back to the sleazy photoshoots of the past. I feel your pain, but if we are repentant now GOD shall forgive. I feel akin to your story, what amazing courage for a 13 yr old to find GOD. and in such tragic circumstances. Your story has stirred me. May God be with you.
"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. ”- Isaiah 1:18
Thanx for sharing ur story sister,it raises our hopes and may God bless all of us!!!!

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