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I am Reminded of My earthly father this day, I remember How my Mother made me and taught me how to Sing the GOSPELS as a KID Right

Another Testimony PloughBoy style.

For today i am reminded of My Mother and My father and "The Old Ship of ZION". This reminder is not in my mind but into the "all inclusiveness" of my soul. Meaning, for my True, Manifestation for my "brothers and sisters" in "Christ, Jesus Our LORD" and not by the letters of The LAW, pertaining to the Black letters that is written on The White pages of The Book! But in the "Body of Christ".
.... "Hallelujah"...... Please just walk with me for a while.

I remember when I watch my father die, a mans a man. Never saw him sick a day in my life, And I remember before he went to "surgery" for the last time, after they had revived him, I told him, I am going to call Mama, He said; don't go, don't leave me. And when they "rolled him out of the room, He held his arm up, and wave his hand in the air, Like he had done so many years before, while he would stand at the door of his house and wave goodby as we would leave their house driving away! Help me JESUS, to finish this story. This is the man I "Eulogized and committed his body to the The Grave" and The church and all the relatives and the Funeral Director said i was not going to be able to do it! For at the Hospital when he died, They put us, you know into the conference room, And I lead us into "family Prayer" Heavens Throne, room, And when we walked out and into the hall all power left me and I fell to my knees and could not breathe, and I could not talk and the tears ran like water. For no one have every saw me in this fashion, My sister in law had to hold me, and put her arms around me and hold me. And all the grand children watch me. I was also know as the mans man,... Now in tears and cannot walk. Broken and Humble to the knees

You see, at 26 years of age when i became "Born of GOD" I told my daddy, that all my life you have instructed me! Now it is my Time to talk to you! My first instructions "STOP putting money in that Church! And i start telling him about JESUS! And i live the life before HIM! And NOT, as a Church Go'er! But a "Child of The LIVING GOD! And he watched, for over 20 plus years, We work for the same company. And i made GOD and Jesus plain, to him, and gave him the understanding of "Original SIN", For there was No way i was going to let a Pastor or Preacher present an "Adulterated Gospel According to Mankind" and not "Jesus CHRIST". to my earthly father whom my mother taught me how to love , even in the manifestation of his sins from a child.:pensive: She would say, "Chris" that is your Daddy, in tears in her eyes, , he does the things to you, because He loves you, Chris, your daddy loves you, that is why he discipline you. I was a grown man and working, had my own money and still came home and was in the house by 11:00 pm even on a Saturday night! I was taught early, whatever you are going to do, do it before dark! LOL, I did:p. Then i found out by my mother when my father had die, His father rules was almost the same. My father did not stay out after 11:00 pm at night until he had married my Mother and he was in his mid 20's. He gave me the same rules his father gave him. And these men had the fist that could knock down a brick wall! And make a Light pole shake with there bare fist! And when my uncle saw my hands, when I was a kid, he said you don't have to fight, just show them your fist! I did:sob: ....... Please be Patience with me. I am getting there. I got to get it out.:pensive:

My earthly father told me one day; "you are good as GOLD, and you don't even know it, yes you are, son you Heavy, and you don't even know it! then on another occasion, he said; you remind me of my daddy, How you handle things and how you think. Then one day my mother, told me , you just like daddy, She used his full name, Concerning The Boldness! I talked to him about heaven and confessing sins and repentance, and what happen in the Garden of Eden fall of mankind. If you think i was going to leave my father in the hands of these "want to bees" pastors and religious leaders ! Not my daddy and Mama! we talked about "The Ship of ZION" if you think, i was going to waste my time talking about "Baseball", "Basketball" and super sports figures and "The Kingdom of GOD" is at hand! I loved my daddy and Mama and all their short coming! If you think i was going trust their salvation in a "church" Proclamation of men and women! For I am part of the "Kingdom of Priests" Ordain by the Authority of GOD! and do not have to prove it to No man! So when i heard this song, that we used to sing, me and my Mama in the house, the words my earthy father heard as we song in his home. And heard his wife and his son, sing by themselves as "Soloist" when he was an "unregenerate sinner"! But my mother continue to pray and have me to pray as a unregenerate kid. For my earthy father when only a few told her to stay and don't leave him was the OLD Sisters from the Historical underground railroad church and my Grandfather told her to stay, and those old women would have meeting for the salvation of His soul and her children, which is foreign of the christians in this day and age. they did these things in the neighborhood homes, and they all were from different churches and denominations. And I cannot tell you how many sons and wayward daughters in our neighborhood got saved and Filled with the Holy Ghost, By Prayer and Witnessing of those of us who got saved. and none of us was active in any church!

I remember one of those old saints, said to me, when your Mama wanted to leave i cried and told her to stay. And one day she told my mother after years latter, "LOOK what GOD, has done, your last years have been better than the 1st. look at your sons and husband how they talk about Jesus! And I "eulogize" that old Mothers funeral too, at one of the "Historical underground railroad church". As well! For this is another “Testimony” The things what GOD will do, in the pains and sufferings as you Sail on through and remain in “The SHIP” through The Rains and The Storms in this life, for they will come and those days will be many! Remain in THE SHIP! Do not abandon, The SHIP, for there will be many who will encourage you, to do so! But do not come down from off of the cross!

Pastors will encourage you to come down, Your so called religious friends will encourage you to come down, as if they love you, and will declare GOD does not want you to suffer and GOD wants you to be Happy, for he has something better.
Yet they proclaim they know JESUS and GOD will not pay off after while, And they will cast the “Spirit” of fear your way, yet instead they know Not The WAY of JESUS, but the “Via Dolorosa” is stranger on the Road they Travel.

For There is nothing better for you in this life but "The True" cross of GOD in your life and not the pleasures of sins for a season. "what shall a man profit if he gains the whole world and lose his soul" GOD is not interested in your happiness but your Faithfulness even your "Sanctification" is GOD's will for you, into Holiness.

“I have stood On the banks of The Jordan “ and watch their Ship go Over, on the Way to Glory Land.


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