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I am really in need of prayers. please help

The situation is difficult for me to explain but it is regarding a problem that started between me and my cousin two years ago. It seemed that we had patched things up and everything was well again until just a few weeks ago where the problem reared its ugly head again.... and now I have a feeling that our relationship is severed. I have been restless thinking about this issue since it started again and I have been feeling very depressed and lost my motivation to do anything. I feel that any sense of happiness has been drained right out of me.

I pray to the lord everyday and keep telling myself that god is in control and he will restore things back to normal but my mind has not been at peace. I feel so desperate and don't know what to do.

I just hope that things can get back to the way they once were. I really need help. Please pray for me and my cousin.
Did you do something that offended your cousin? Your description is somewhat vague. I cant advise you much as is. But I do pray the Lords will be done in this situation between you and your cousin.
Hey Brad,

Thank you for your response and I'm sorry for the vague description.

I think I did something that may have hurt her feelings but it was not intentional in any way. It is such a difficult situation to explain but I feel horrible and I wish that there was something that I could do to undo it completely or have done it differently. The initial problem was two years ago and I thought we had patched everything but somehow it resurfaced (due to unfortunate circumstances). It is extremely hard because we've always been close and now I don't think she wants to talk to me again . I am really depressed about it :(
We as christians are forgiven by our Lord Jesus for our sins for the eternal consequence of them. But the consequences of our sins in this earth, we are only able to avoid if those we offend are able to forgive us. And the Lord will not interfere with the free will of said person to force that forgiveness. Sometimes its merely wisdom to not allow someone who repeatedly hurt us to not trust them not to anymore. That doesnt mean that she hasnt forgivenen you nessesarily, perhaps just that she doesnt trust you to not let it resurface again. Forgiveness and forgetting are two different subjects. My rooster usually doesnt bother me and is calm, but on occasions, he will attack me with hard pointy spurs on the back of his legs. He has done this on several occasions. I have forgivenen him his attacks, but it would be foolish of me to not be wary of him anymore. Although I forgive him, I no longer trust him. Again, I will pray that the Lords will be done in this situation. And I also pray that the Lord would give you joy to offset your sadness.

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