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I am in a predicament and I really need your prayers please!

Shalom dear beloved in Jesus Christ,

Just to acknowledge receipot of your reponse mail and to assure you of my friendship .Provided you promise me that we'll just only be and stay friends and if more , as bother and sister for I am not looking for ny love affair neither any love life:I'm so sorry to tell you tat but it's like that, it's my reality.

However, you're warmly welcome aboard my friendship.

Well, my full name is Chancelvy Ney Gautier LOUNGENGE and I was born on 25th of March 1981 in Brazzaville the capital city of the Republic of the Congo where I am still living wityh my parents and my siblings whom three of my four sisters (Joh,Cluddy and mercise) and with my only brother named Prince.

For my education, I'm still student but without any IB diploma which I should try again for the fourth year running while I have just been invited to apply for an opportunity job related to the UNHCR in the North of near the Cameroon andwhere I don't know somebody.The IB examination is for June 2005 and I wonder what to do since I must take one decision which willl be very important for my future.And shiefly that the IB diploma with which parents submitted my application for this job which the contract wiis for one year is not true because it's been falsified by dad when I failed my IB (International Baccalaureate) in 2003.Please pray for me dear friend.I need your prayers. Colossians 3:13-16
In the North of Congo, thereis not Internet then I could not surf the Web regarly except that I go to cameroon if it woul be possible.Hence a great and bogger risk to lose contacts of my friends abroad and left at Brazzaville too.However, I only trust in GOD regarding to what I have to do since I am earger to get my independence from my parents and then to help my sisters and my brother where possible.Luke1:38.

Similarly, I am applying to UK/USA/Australia instiutions abroad where English is a language of teaching hence the necessity to show my English proficiency by taking the SAT (I and II) and either the TOEFL(Test of English as Foreign Language) or the IELTS (international English testing System) or another worlwide recognized related English test.

Maths and Physical sciences are my main subjestc at school but I'm taking courses in Networks and telecomunications in B.T.S. which is an advanced vocational certificate taken at the end of a 2-year od higher education.Then I have to only take my IB examination begining with the Ib test two months before the true examination.

Obviously, it's very encouraging to get this job but how to do when know that my IB dipoma is not true and that I should try it again this year from June 7?

The Congo my home country is located in the Centre of Africa near to the DRC(Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Take care and may GOD richly bless you in Jesus Christ.Amen.

With Jesus Christ's Love,

Chancelvy Ney Gautier LOUNGENGE.

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i will pray for you. remember god loves you. he never closes a door without opening another. he never turns his back. he hears you .
I give all praise to the Lord for he gave me o meet and find friends and brothers and sisters through my faith in Jesus Christ.
Indeed, I decvided o take my IB examination beacsu it's the right choice I believe for GOD is righteous and the only righteous hence if we want to be as He is 'Epesians 5:1-2) we should do efforts to look like Himself only.
When setting my heart on just staying at school, I am sure to have taken the best choice.However, your prayers are lways welcome on the occasion.
Take care and may GOD ichly bless you through Jesus Christ Who showed us His Love eveyday.

PS: I left one poem for all of you and I wish you wish you to happillyenjoy for Jesus Christ glory only.