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'i am as precious to God as he is to me...'

'Thankyou Lord for the everyday things and people that come my way. For the 'valleys and mountains', the good and the bad that I may be grateful and patient, your 'covenant' for which I live by and the truth of your 'word' which I will abide by. Thank you for 'knowledge' in which I will seek to know more, the 'wisdom' to be wise in what I know, for the 'heart & voice of singing' used to always enter into your courts of 'praise and worship', the hunger within my soul that I could not do without. For the 6 senses that I do have may I use them continuously within your 'sanctuary' all for you. Thankyou for being there when I awake in the morns, thru every minute of the day (sometimes you do make me seek!!) and the last one I see before I sleep, so very much to thank you for.... My Lord, My King May the dew-drops of heaven never quench my thirst, so that I may continually 'thirst for you' Amen

Hi everyone in 'His Almighty Name' Thankyou Chad for letting me in to fellowship with all. God has shown you your 'Diciples' he speaks in the most 'finest of whispers'.
Welcome to talkjesus , and may GODS grace and kindness be shown to all through you now and forever ! BROTHER
hi nazarene. . . May God continue to bless you in your sweet life
maybe .. . if i search His presence some more. . . i will have the same words in my heart in prayer someday. .. . you really open up heaven for me :love:
hope to meet you some more in chat. . .
GBU peeps
Welcome nazarene angel. I am new too. Hope to fellowship more with you. Later, in CHRIST'S love
'Greetings in the beautiful name ot Jesus'
Thankyou 'Brothersinarmst4g, Chad, Peeps, Alabasterbox & Jmh137' for the welcome. Thankyou Lord for letting our paths cross. Thankyou for the few minutes I do have to pop in to say 'Hello' to these special ppl ... your ppl Lord. The 'Silent Fellowship of one with another' in reading Welcome notes, Testimonies and Words of Encouragement warms the Heart & Soul because you Lord always make known your People, Genuine and True to you, for it is not what we write with words but how we place and see them when viewed. My Love for you is far greater than the 'Beautiful Rose of Sharon' just like falling in love.. over n over n over again and YES!! even when I know that my very 'heart, soul and love' is being tested. So Lord for the 'dew of heaven' that you let fall upon me to feed my thirsty soul, I give back to you in all honor thru prayers, praise,worship, tears of joy and the 'Love of being Intimate with you'. God bless and keep your following teachers as they continue on with your Word and their Testimonies to help and encourage others, to listen with their hearts to the lost, to seek written words with your eyes of 'vision' and bring to this 'Headquarters' your well of running waters where ppl from all walks of life may come and soak up all of YOU!!. Amen

:thumbs_up Have an awesome weekend everyone, keep up the Love and Friendliness of Gods love

Love to you all in Jesus Name

Nazarene Angel