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I am a new friend to you all


Hello I am Srinivas and am from India. i am 33 yrs of age now and I came from a Hindu family background. I am very much thankful to God that he has chosen me from the entire family of mine. Really it is a miracle that Lord made me a christian. And since a year or so I am really struggling to get good christian friends. And one day Lord showed this site where I am really seeing the power of God, I experienced many of our brothers and sisters here sharing the testimonies and the real miracles of God. I am married to a good girl, that was given by God himself. Why I am saying this is because my christian life started with the miracle of my marriage that took place in 1992. And I was converted through that miracle and was still going in his way, and hope I can be helpful to all my fellow christians. I will share many miracles that happened in my life one by one. Real God did wonders in my life. I thank my real dear friend Lord Jesus for his kind help in my life until now and trust that it will continue till the end of his coming.

with love in Lord


God Bless you and welcome to the Talk Jesus family. This is a wonderful site and wonderful people on it. You will grow in the LORD here. You came to the right spot to be around and fellowship with other christians like yourself. God bless you!
Amen, Thank God for the calling in your life Srinivas,and the relationship you now share with the Heavenly Father through His only begotten Son, Jesus the Massiah, the one true Christ.This is an awsome site were we can all share with each other our trials and burdens, it is a great place to come to and get others to pray with,like the word says were 2 or 3 are gathered in 1 accord in My name there am I in the mist of. And the only way to the Heavenly Father is through HIS SON. May the Spirit of Gob bless you in all things !

Thank you for the message you posted and welcome to Talk Jesus. I am aware of the pain of persecution that Christians like yourself are subjected to in India and you are all in my prayers. Remember Paul's words in Philippians 4:13 - " I can do (suffer, experience, perform) all things through Christ who strengthens me."

God's blessings to you,


I also want to say that there are what is known as "cyberchurches" being started on the internet. Check them out They might provide worship service opportunities when you cannot physically attend a service.

In Him

welcome vasujs7

welcome to truth and fellowship in the name of our Lord Jesus

vasujs7 said:
I thank my real dear friend Lord Jesus for his kind help in my life until now and trust that it will continue till the end of his coming.

amen to that bro

God bless