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I Accept Jesus!

NOW!! The question one may ask after this is,what do you really mean by that statement?? Does this mean you accept that Jesus did walk the earth? Does this mean you accept what he said in the Word? When I accepted Jesus,I was as so low,I could not have even crawled under a snake!

To be honest,I was desperate! I had heard of Jesus and his love for us,and at the point I was in,I would have looked to anyone who I even thought could help me in my present situation! The problem I had,like so many here, is what many people have spoke of Jesus ,there lives reflected something much different.

So I really wondered what part of Jesus some of these people were accepting? They claimed to be "quote un "quote saved? saved?? HUMM you mean protected? You mean no matter what you do because one says they believe in this man named Jesus nothing bad can happen to them?

Because they say they are saved because Jesus said so? But there was a big difference between Jesus and us!! I mean a large difference!! Jesus could not sin,we can,Jesus could back up what he said by what he showed,can we always do this? Well I sure cannot.

So we accept because we desperately want to accept that we are saved. I mean who wants to ever think, they are not saved!!I sure do not! But for me brothers and sisters i had to find proff! I had to know that what I believe is correct!!

So I did some checking.1st The bible speaking of us repenting,check,next the Bible talks of us being born of both water and spirit! Let see,water baptism,and this other part many still have a problem with,the baptism of Holy Spirit check on the water,and check on Holy Spirit,ah at the time I did not know who holy Spirit was!! BUT!! after some people showed me the book of acts,and 1 cor 14 I kind of got the picture.

So I prayed as best I could at the time,Lord?ah I want HOLY SPIRIT,in me alive! I have seen many with a dead Spirit but I do not want what is dead,so Lord if Holy Spirit is as real as people tell me,and as real as your Word says,then I want him! Now many said there is evidence to having Holy Spirit,this thing they call tongues.HUMM tongues?

So more checking!! After completing the Book of Acts,I noticed quite a few things that presented me with what I believe was true. So I said ok,I guess if this is needed then I want this as well. So I really dug deep for this one!! My mind was telling me you must be out of your mind!! What language could come out of your own mouth,that would ever convince you it was Holy Spirit?? GEE!!That is a good question!

Again trust never being a strong quality with me, again I had to find proff!!for me! 1 cor 14:2 wow this is as plain as you can get,it does not matter what I think!! Nor even how I feel! The Word says For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to GOD!! God himself!!! for NO one understands,humm no one? but in his spirit he speaks mysteries! reading further we find a need for this tongue to be understood,For tongues is for us first! This really helped me,because wow many times I would go to pray, and run out of words I wanted to say to Jesus,i mean how many times can one really pray for the same thing?? ok let see if this will work?

The Pastor came by me to pray with me,many church members came and laid there hands on me,which did not thrill me,because I do not like to be touched!LOL But this time I thought oh well perhaps it is needed here. They went off in different languages!! I thought wow,what are they doing??oh well ok,let me get real here within myself!

The pastor said after about 5min just speak in faith.In my mind I yelled I would if I had anything to say!!LOL And then it hit!! My eyes were closed, and lighting came in my mind forming odd words?? the lighting twisted itself into very odd letters at first,then complete sentences,I was seeing this like you would view a movie screen.Again I heard the Pastor just say speak forth that which is coming from Holy Spirit in you. I thought wow speak this?? ok why not I sure never saw anything like this before! canda parauca natencue and as I began to speak words I had no idea what they meant!! BAM!!! the lighting in my head exploded into song!! Now I was singing words?? But I was not embarressed, I was being set free by Holy Spirit in me,the same Holy Spirit you all have in you!

Well I could not stop this for quite a while!! I went off!! I heard clapping!!! I heard praise God,I heard some jumping up and down? then I heard my Pastor say there he is!! Holy Spirit got through to him! after about 45 min of this,the church fell quite silent,I started to get words translated from the unknown tongue I was speaking to english!! They called this prophesy!

I did not think about what it was called at the time my friends,I just came out with it,as I recall it was something like this" "I am he who is alive forever more amen,That which you see is what I told many long ago,I am the Lord, and I have come for my people,not by sight,but by there faith,for that which is spoken is believed,and that which is believed is acted upon by all my people". ah That was it. I opened my eyes to look around at this point,many were in tears? Many mouths were wide open!

I looked at the pastor and said am I done now?? he laughted and said praise God that work which Jesus started in you, he is more then able to complete as well in you amen!!You may sit down now. So I got off my knees and sat down among the believers. shaking quite a bit,I did not know why,because the room was not cold? saved humm I think I now understand a little more about this.salvation from flesh unto Holy Spirit!

To actually become part of who Jesus Christ and his very nature really is!! LOVE! Of course borthers and sisters there is so much more to Jesus then this!! But it was my beginning,it was as the Bible says how I began to reconcile to God himself!! ( 2 Cor 5:17-21) I had and still have so much to learn,but, I know that for me salvation is not just a state of mind,but of Spirit,Holy Spirit,knowing i myself could never do a thing to recieve this,but because I dared to hope in Jesus( rom 15:13) I learned how to follow Jesus.

This is how i began,this is my understanding of salvation,and since we have wonderful Holy Spirit in us,and have love for oneanother, then i can verify Christ in me credentials!! ( 1 john 5:4-13 verse 13 and because of 4-12 verse 13 comes to life for each of us!! These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God,so that!! you may know that you HAVE eternal life!!

And from this my brothers and sisters guidence to prayer,verse 14-17 and from this!! freedom from habitual sin! verse 18-21 verse 21 an idol can be anything that takes more time in our lives away from our Jesus. For who or what is more inportant then our Daddy!! amen NOTHING!! Praise God,I hope this will bless so many,and encourge all to do something they have always wanted to do, but were afraid to do. Yes dearly beloved FOLLOW!! Jesus!! amen!

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