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Hypothetically Speaking many of us have Love ones we want to come to Real Faith in Christ But the design route maybe through The Tribulation Period

Now this is for those of us, who believes in The Rapture oF The "Congregation of Jesus Christ" The Congregation that HE builds preferring those exact words. "Upon This ROCK" not this "stone" I will Build My "CONGREGATION" not using the word church but the words He used, "I will build "My CONGREGATION" and The gates of Hell will not prevail. Those exact words HE used. "ROCK" and "CONGREGATION" and not The words "stone" or "church".

Note: it is understandable you do not want to use the original wording. But may we save the "Textual Criticism" class for another Thread.

Now, if by "predestination" God has so ordain that some will come out of the 1st. part of The "Tribulation" 3 1/2 years and some out of "The 2nd part 3 1/2 know as "Great Tribulation" Jacobs trouble. by "predestination" Hypothetically thinking now. Now should we be the ones preparing our love ones, what might come to pass and when it happens they would have a clear understand what has taken place, if we have been caught away. And they would have a natural understanding for what happen, could this event be instrumental in their "Salvation" and adding strength in their Belief in "The Savior" of their Soul. For i think it would be a more powerful Witness of what we have declared to them instead of those who are still here leading the Institutional Churches that is scattered throughout the World. and Media. Now could you imagine all of the false Prophets and church leaders left here! But our message that we spoke to them, our Love ones would be Truer than the religious leaders words who are left here on earth. and Those true words we left in them or spoke to them would bear The Fruit of "SALVATION". as they live in the tribulation Periods.

Hypothetically speaking. The gospels
JESUS is our model He left and He told the others what to expect. {and if I do not go away] I wish someone could heard me! Maybe just one!

Cannot one see the "Biblical Motif" here.