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Hypocritical Liberal Democrats

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The atheistic left went nuts when Trump won the White House. What will we do, they cried. They have settled on running the government, or controlling Trump through the Judiciary. Through the Courts. Through liberal judges willing to use their position to halt any thing Trump wants to get done. They use the court system to run resistance. They manipulate our court system in other words.

The Supreme Court, has always been 9 judges, and at present is Conservative in majority. Now the liberal left democrats say that is not right. Even though it is as it has been in the past. The president chooses the Supreme Court replacement when there is vacancy. That has always worked for both sides. That is not good enough now for the liberal left. They, the liberal left , have given a warning to the Supreme Court that it needs to change it's course or it will do it for them. Do you see the hypocrisy. They have been manipulating the courts to stop Trump and now they are upset that the Supreme Court is opposed to them, and it is a valid court.

Their warning is this. When they get in power, they are going to change the Supreme Court in number and then load it with liberal democrats. These people will stop at nothing. They care not for the Country or Constitution. All they care about is their being in power and having their way. And they have just plainly said so.

Every Conservative of the Christian right should be concerned. Every American should be concerned. Every governor, senator, representative, mayor, of a red state, had better be prepared for what is coming. In other words, have a plan now. Don't wait till it gets here. Be prepared to use your political authority to provide some method of safety for that which is coming.

Else, you will be watching the movie, "the hunt", in 3D. In reality.