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Hurricane Katrina Relief/ Pray and Give

:thumbs_up :love: As all of us in the USA should know, Hurricane Katrina did immeasurable damage to the Gulf Region of the southern United States. New Orleans is 80% under water due to failure of two of that city's levies. Whole towns have been wiped off the map in Mississippi. Multiple thousands are homeless. Officials are saying that it will take years for the area to be restored.

Along with government agencies, many Christian charities plus the Red Cross are working desperately to help those people.

Most of us cannot go to Mississippi and Louisiana, but all of us can help by donating money to the agencies that are responding to the need. We can also get on our knees regularly and often and pray for God's blessings to be poured out on Katrina's victims as well as on the people and organizations working to bring relief.
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This is very sad but also a reminder that GOD is an awesome GOD, a jealous GOD and this is a sign of the end of time.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon so I hope many who read this will pray!
Exactly...we aren't "just" praying...we are doing THE most important thing we can do. And SpiritLedEd is right, we can help in many ways even tho we are miles away.

This is a major disaster for our country & it will no doubt affect us all in the long run. As time goes by, it's easier to forget the trauma those involved are still going thru. Let's try to keep up with what is happening & try to praise God for each step of the way where progress is being made.

I praise Him right now that it wasn't worse than it was (although it was absolutely devastating for the most part). However, if this had happened several years ago...many, many more would have perished. I am not minimizing it by any means...I'm choosing to find the good...no matter how hard I have to dig for it.
This is so heartwrenching. I've heard there is not much infrastructure as far as response to a disaster of this magnitude. The military, police, emergency and charity groups are in total chaos and have enormous obstacles to overcome in order to get help where help is needed most. Men are doing what they can as fast as they can, but God is their only real refuge.

I recognize that these people need the masses of the whole earth to pray earnestly and often. Please, look over your own problems for the next few days, if possible, and join in one mind to call upon the One who has the the power to show His miraculous love, mercy and comfort. Thank Him for the miracles He has already performed.

God bless you, brothers and sisters.

Amen! :love:
this is so true only the Lord will beable to get them through this terrible trial I will continue to pray for them that the Lords peace comfort and grace will be upon them and that the Holy spirit will come and help them through this. janlovesjesus

Chad said:
Prayer is the most powerful weapon so I hope many who read this will pray!

Hi everyone,
Amen, we need to get down on our knees and pray now.
Agreed, these are the last days. The terrible news is everywhere. The good news is that Jesus is coming.
We pray for all of our friends in USA, there's a lot of work to be done. Its too much to take in. As the reports emerge, the most shocking aspect for most is the outbreak of looting, guns and violence. We are forced to realise that scenario in our own backyard.
And, yes, prayer is the most powerful weapon! We don't need guns or bombs with Him on our side.

Our prayers are with you

Isa 25:4 For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.
Several reputable agencies are offering help right now - we just have to be careful who we give to since even in times of tragedy, things are made worse by people taking advantage of the situation & trying to make money. I guess what I'm saying is just to give to those agencies that have proven trustworthy.

We have several local churches working to help too. I think it's great that the churches are opening up to those needing shelter. It's great to hear what's going on in your area JesuSmy Lord.

It breaks my heart to see some of the pictures...I pray that God will allow those He is taking to die with dignity. I feel so burdened for them. At the same time, I feel excited knowing that Jesus is coming soon. Can't you just feel the change in the air? Ok, maybe I'm sounding silly, but I feel something different in the spiritual realm.

Sorry, I got off topic a bit. You know, even as far north of the hurricane as Tennessee is, we are getting people from the stricken area. The last I heard was 20,000 had come in. I know that's a drop in the bucket compared to other areas, but I am so grateful we can be of help.

I hope this post makes sense.