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Humanity embarrasses itself before the One: God/Jesus who is more than mere human

With our fawning over humans and our displays performed to be seen of humans. I am emarrased for mine and humanity's. I was in the fashion of worshipping humanity until my daughter was born and I lost her, the first time, through separation. I then determined to know the truth and whether the One who is more than human is real or not. I began an exhaustive study and cross-reference of the KJV Bible but most importantly I said Lord God show me and He did and has. He returned my daughter, the first time, for visitation and when He returns her to me again it will be forever more inHis Kingdom.

All thanks and praise be unto you my Lord and my God, Lord Jesus. You have provided us and all of this physical realm for us, most important of which is your word for us that we may know You and what You are about with us or humanity. You have done all things well and You do and will. Blessed be Your Name.