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The kingdom is all around you,if you would but see it.Not with the eyes but with the heart.
Life is the most complex thing to ponder,and yet it is the simplest thing to do.........
There was a simple man that was compelled to stand blindfolded, with his arms outstretched, beckoning all to come unto him.
Whatever his motive was, cannot compare to what it achieved.Though many may walk by, there are those who are overcome by something that compels them to draw near to him.
And from within their hearts words that appeared as feelings spoke to them saying "How is it that though I stand before you, there are some who know not who I am?
All that is seen is speaking to you.All has meaning".
"My eyes are covered that your weakness shall be hidden, and I will see only the one who comes to me.
I will know him, because it is my spirit that dwells within him..For all that goes out from me shall return to me".
"And he will come near to me, and my arms will surround him, and the two will become as one.His thirst will be quenched, for my happiness is given to those who are mine, and they cannot hide it".
"Even those who are not yet mine,if they will gaze upon me,I will touch their hearts, and their smiles will be the witness of it.Know that my love for you is as I love myself".
"Look beyond the man,look through the eyes of love,do this, and you will see me.Whosoever does my will ,reflects my glory, and I shall be in the midst of him,and reveal my presence in the world".
Hugs, when two become one.................................... is the physical witness of the presence of God.
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