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hello all,
I have a quiery.
I saw a wonderful group the other day, live, called 'the huckleberries'. They are bluegrass, not a christian group, but non-lyrical (only music).
i do not listen to any non christian music, and have not since God told me not to when i was nine years old.
I am wondering if, therfore, it is not advisable to listen to this group's cd, as even though they have no lyrics, they are not a christian group.
i do not feel convicted about this, 9thats usually what i go on to discern if i should do something or not), but i just wanted your thoughts on this matter.
Jesu bless you all
well, since u hvaent listened 2 non christian stuff since u were 9, an u r now... dontcha think u should ask God if its ok???

like, u'll gte ur ansa good n proper then...lol
What is your response to it?

Music has an impact that is somewhat personal. Is this causeing you to get further from God or be inspired by the wonderful gift of music that He has given these musicans. Perhaps something in the middle. If you can put your finger on that then you might be able to find an approprate response to the music.

Me well I play mandolin so I reckon I will be a looking out for this CD when I next go past a music shop

tank you for your responce, thoephillus,
Yes, do look out for their music, i think they are so talented.
The website is [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission]

i don't feel convicted about listening to their music, because they don't contain any lyrics, and when i listen to it i do feel inspired and uplifted.
thank you
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well hey i had a problem with non christian stuff and the guy's on here the idea was... listen to Christian stuff for 2 week's and see how you go.. any way well by the time i was finished my two week's i was SICK of my music... lol liek the variety i had and just wanted to listen to soem one elses christian stuff... LOL btu in the end i was closer to God by a fair bit... so yeha i think it woudl be better to stick to the Christian stuff... btu if it has no Word's too it.. it depends if it is liek HEAd banging junk or not... LOL

Love Simon!!!
reply to posts

Thank you for replying to my post.

I love having the oppertunity to run things by you all, and i love having feedback from devoted christians.
Thanks again, i really value your input.

Jesu bless you