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Howdy yall ;-)

Just wanted to say, Howdy yall, i don't come here much, i have too many irons in the fire, as the saying goes. And wanted to let you know what my nick here means;
WTRWWOSD = Walk & Talk & Rest & Wake with our Saviour Daily , i reckon you can just call me 'Walkin' for short.
:rose: :cup:
Welcome on board Walkin. . . may God give you peace and strengh to get your priorities straight. . .
I used to do that too. . . too many irons in the fire. . . keep watching that it doesnt BURN you out. . .
Love and Gods blessing in your life. . .peeps :love:
Well a big howdy back to ya walkin! I pray you will find more time for yourself and be able to get some of them irons out of the fire. Hope soon we can meet up in chat.
Howdy Peeps and DeeplyChanged, and thanks for the welcome.
lol well i'm disabled, so i have plenty of time on my hands, that may be the problem, anyway i just get into so many discussions and chat's online - it's just time consuming to try to keep up with everything. And with my back getting worse, i don't spend as much time online as i used to.
Hi walkin. . . may God use you in a very special way. . .may he comfort you and ease your pain. . . Thanks for responding so fast. . .wow. . . Love, peeps
welcome walkin, I have a bad back and know the pain. Hope to catch you sometime in chat.

AlabasterBox :girl:

Formerly Adiaglow
Hey there, Walkin'. :) I'm Gina. Look forward to gettin' to you know you. God bless you, you seem like a joy. xoxo
You keep walking , and let you're fingers to the talking ! lol I am all ears .
:boy_hug: Welcome to talkljesus . BROTHER
Smiles and thanks to all for the warm welcome's.
My hope is that all remember to >
Walk & Talk & Rest & Wake with our Saviour Daily,
for without Him we have no hope, but with Him we can do much,
i'm ever thankful to my God Yahweh and to my Lord Jesus - Yahwesha'
Their love , mercy, strength, *everything they do for me , helps me so much.
Walkin, in Them,