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How To Experience Rest Said In Heb.4

Hebrews 4 is a great devotional chapter. It says of a promise rest for he people of God even as I speak. And it is achieved or done when we enter into the throne room of God Heb.4:16, meaning to say when we think of God and meditate His goodness and just be silent and know that He is God. Entering into His presence is by praying and not just "Praying" but talking to God without having to ask anything but just simply be satisfied with His presence honoring Him and thanking Him and praising Him for everything and praising and worshipping Him because He is our God. I tell you, you will feel His presence and be energized and strengthened. That is the rest available to all of us anytime of the day.

Praise the Lord!
Gentle . I know what you are saying ! Last week I was shown to get rest , and in just one week the almight God has restored my strenght again ! Praise his name ! Brother Mike :love: :boy_hug: