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How much can we forgive?

Q:How many times do we forgive otheres?
A:Luke 17:4 says without limit.
Q:Can we condemn another person?
A:How can we, if we ourselves are sinners (John 8:1-11).
Q:Can we be forgiven, if we do not forgive other?
A:Matt 18:21-34 says no.
Q:Should we forgive our spouse if he/she is unfaithful?
A:God forgave us, although we are unfaithul to Him
Q:What is true forgiveness?
A: God compensated for our sins that we committed against Him by sacrificing His own life. In other words, the victim compensated for the sins of His offenders.
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I have to comment on question #4 concerning unfaithfulness. Jesus said fornication is the only grounds acceptable for divorce. My ex-wife and I have been divorced for four years because of her infidelity. I soon forgave her with God's grace, and now we are fairly good friends. That is a very good thing because we have two daughters who live with me. Your thread was right on the money, I just had to pitch my 2 cents in.

Forgiveness is a Commandment of Scripture

Forgiveness is a commandment of scripture and a real and necessary daily aspect of christian life.
Not always does God direct us to stay friends with, stay married to, or be close to the offender which we have forgiven, however. He never says in His Word that we must be best friends with someone who intentionally hurt a child, for example.
We are to pray for our enemies, Jesus says. But he didn't say we had to sleep with the enemy or pay homage to them.
Whilst Saul was trying to kill David, David kept his heart clean and continually forgave Saul. David had the opportunity to throw a spear at Saul, but chose not to touch Saul or hurt him. David had a completely forgiving heart toward Saul, who meant real harm toward him. David didn't, however stay in the same house or same area as Saul. He went to a cave and made himself safe.