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how long have you been a Christian?

When did you become a Christian?

  • I have always believed...for as long as I can really remember (since childhood)

    Votes: 36 30.0%
  • Since I was a teenager

    Votes: 35 29.2%
  • I started to believe during my adult life...19 years old or above

    Votes: 48 40.0%
  • I don't believe or I am not a Christian

    Votes: 1 0.8%

  • Total voters
Hi everyone! I am just wondering how long you have all been a Christian...did you always believe (since you were a child?), did you start to believe during your teen years? Adult life? Just curious! :)

Oh I also wonder when and if you were all baptised..i guess that will have to be another poll!

thanks for sharing!
Krista :)
lol. . . i found the other one first anyhow. . .

I met Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour in October 1995 :love:

He was knocking on my heart and burning under my chair to get my b*** up and run into his loving, open arms :love:
yea, i grew up in a christian family.. an hence always new Jesus..

but i made the decision 4 myself wen i was like in yr 5 or 6.. at some production, an i cant remember wot yr it was.. i think it was yr 6.. but yea.. so thats like.. 6yrs now..

awesum stuff!!

:thumbs_up 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up :thumbs_up
i guess i always knew there was a God ,
but just because i know God is real doesn't mean i am a christian.
it has been 8 years know since the lord came seeking me,i wasn't looking for him.
but i thank God i was willing to listen and give in to him.
he knew what the following years would bring, and with out him in my life i probably wouldn't be here today
I also found the other poll first lol. 1 year and 5 months (there is more to this but I will post it in testamonies soon :) )
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:thumbs_up I have always known about the Lord from an early age. I grew up with a Godly Grandma. And you couldn't help but know the Lord, for she was always talking about him and to him. I thought she was a crazy old lady, but I learned to know him thru her. and now I'm the crazy lady.:girl: I get told what a fanatic I am all the time, and you know what i say? I say yes your right, I am crazy for my Lord. :thumbs_up But anyway I wasn't save til 1979, it's been a long time, and I'm still praising my wonderful Lord Jesus. :thumbs_up I was baptized in the same year.

:thumbs_up It's been a wonderful journey and I know I will finish it with my hand in the Lord's all the way.:shade:
I have been a Christian for 21 years 9 months ! Every day satan brings me a new challenge . Sometimes I make it , and sometimes I miss it . But in all things , God has used it for his Glory . Mike
I have been a Christian for a bit over 18months after going through school an atheist God revealed himself to me and showed me his truths
i cant say since a teenager because that would mislead to past tense and non of the others apply.

I have always known their was a god and believed but it wasnt until recently when i decided that i would believe because it was in my heart and not only my head. so my answer would from the beginning of every sun rise until it all passes away.
My husband was a Christian, and I was a non believer. When I flew to the U.S. I felt the Lord for the first time and was baptized in July 2003 what a wonderful feeling to know I will never be alone again.
I was raised in a home that believed in God, but did not believe in a personal relationship with Jesus. So, I don't really think I could call myself a christian until I accepted Jesus into my heart. I guess I see that whole calling yourself a christian kind of a gray area. To me, I became a born-again believer 5 years ago. I was baptized two months after being saved.

I have been a christian since July 1984. :love:

I was 25 when I got saved. :love:

It was the best thing that ever happened to me. :love:

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

I accepted Christ as my Saviour while I was in UNI so at 21. It is a daily struggle but I would not trade it for anything in this world.