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How I Started Church On The Streets

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So many times I ran away from the call of church on the streets where the people are because of the expectations of man and their thoughts, these are some of the comments: - Evangelism is not sustainable financially. - You going to be away from your family and they going to suffer - You need to have strong roots open your church it will give you these roots.

Since 2017 even though God reminded me about church on the streets i rebelled against him and went into a premises It seemed to the eye that we were growing with our 20+ people sitting in the church sunday after sunday teaching them the word of God having praise and worship etc.

But it werent actually growing it was actually reaching a certain level and staying there. I started preaching strongly on evangelism and reaching the lost, i started preaching on OTHERS. How while we sitting in church there is someone at home depressed wanting to take their lives.

The desire to be on the streets again was strong, the Lord was truly leading me in this direction. A pastor rose up against me, a pastor i respected and loved so much to try and get us out of the building, when all this persecution was going on a man of God who is now still with us told me he saw a vision of us standing on the corner of the street preaching.

Most of the members were so excited with church on the streets and then evening services.... So we started church on the streets in 2018 July our first meeting was in BURGERS ROAD... It was exciting it was when i held the microphone on the street i felt that i was now in the will of God and this is where i needed to be.

We continued with church on the streets until last week of December feeding people and reaching the lost.

OH at times it get so weak like i cant continue anymore because what started as a big time slowly went small because most of the people needed a church in a building i watched through one of the most painful moments of my life people leave us for a church with a building and not a church on the streets.

I marvel at the fact that Jesus respected the church, He loved the church He would often go and visit the church, but most of his ministry has always been on the streets, he often went to the church and rebuke some people.

This gives me comfort and then i realize that we are in the perfect will of God regardless of the challenges we face.