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How I made my cartoon series " David The Modern Day Christian " It explains secrets of the bible.

Long time I hade the desire to make A christian series explaining secret things of the bible 2 What Serveth The Law ?, What Is Faith Hebrews Chapter 11, The Gifts of Women God Gave Them, and Do angels have wings ? " everything explain with bible verses. In this story David learns the bible and talks to his pastor Bao who reveals him the secret of the bible with models and everything there is no hell. In the end of the series David is in the end times and he wants to save his family they did not baptized so God helps him to save his family. The message at the end is important look at it please it has very important material.

I see a lot of people have seen it please see it since the beggining it has more important information wait for eipisode 9 and 10 " The Gifts God Gives To Women "