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How I lost 70lbs of fat in 3 months

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I've decided after the other thread to show how exactly I managed to lose 70 lbs in a matter of 3-4 months. Let me be clear that there are no shortcuts when it comes to health, it takes lots of discipline and hard work, there is no such thing as a pill that can help you get in shape, the miracle machines you see on tv infomercials are garbage and pure scams, and if you bought one you got ripped off no less. While I know the bible says that exercise profits little, and it does say not to worry what you eat, health is an important issue to a Christian, it brings conficence and it gives a good testimony. So I will outline my basic diet and exercise routine here.


Diet is 70% of the battle to lose weight, if you like to keep up with athletes or bodybuilding, you will find that diet is the key component to an athletes ability to perform, you'll never see a man with 5% body fat eating a large order of fries at McD's. You have to make your food work for you, not against you, it's a myth today that not eating helps you lose weight, you HAVE to eat in order to get healthy, but you have to eat the right things.

Foods to eliminate from diet, no exeptions:

sodas and sugary drinks - most important
sugary sweet foods (most cereals, most treats)
fried foods
white bread products (tortillas, white bread, doughy foods such as pizza)
salty foods (most asian food, crackers, noodles)
fatty meats (hamburger meat and hot dog meat)
highly processed foods (chips, pretzels, cookies, anything that comes in a bag)
super sweet fruits (watermelon, grapes, raisins)
anything your grandma likes to cook

Foods beneficial to your body and boost fat burning:

white meats or lean meats (chicken breast, turkey, lean ham)
lean fish (tuna, salmon)
wheat bread
skim milk
some fruits
beans, extremely healthy and underrated
some rice
yogurt (to replace regular desserts)
unsalted nuts
eggs without additives such as butter or oil

How much to eat:

For a person seeking to lose weight I will recommend eating 4-5 small meals a day, spread out periodically throughout the day. No splurging, each meal must be only one serving, that’s it. It’s no use eating less because then you will just be hungry all the time, which will de-motivate you to continue your diet. The foods I outlined above are not only healthy but they are good to keep your energy up while on a workout plan.

The Exercise Program:

Now for the fun part! Since I mentioned that diet is 70% of the battle, then that would make exercise 30% of it, but it is still critical to exercise if you want to lose weight, it is an absolute must. For someone who is out of shape, I will suggest starting off slow, you’re not gonna be running 5 miles anytime soon, so build up your muscles first. I recommend exercising at least 3 times a week, preferably 4, or 5-6 if you are advanced.

Beginner’s Program:

Treadmill- Set on 3.2mph, gradually increase the incline as you get into better shape. As your strength increases you can increase the intensity of this machine.

Weights- A weight program more focused on repatitions than weight. Forcus more on getting your heart rate up, aim for 20 reps in each exercise. As far as exercises go I only used a few during my stint. I will suggest that you use the “big 3” exercises as your core for whole body strenth, as follows: benchpress, squat/legpress, deadlift. For beginners though it’s dangerous to start of squating since your back is more than likely very weak, so do legpresses until you think you can handle squats. Always research on websites exercises that you would like to do, people of different heights have different abilities, also genetics is a factor on where your strong point lies. Always be looking for new exercises to rev your body up.

Advanced Program:

Treadmill- 7.0mph for as long as you can go, aim for a longer time each week. This will strengthen your heart as well as burn off stubborn belly fat and thigh fat.

Weights: More focused on increasing strength, aim for 5-7 repatitions per set, for up to 5 sets. Use heavier weight, aim for increasing your strength and your muscles.


As mentioned this routine and diet plan worked for me greatly, there’s really no limit to how good a shape you can get in, but a big factor is your natural gifting. Some people have a natrually more developed muscular system, some people don’t. But this is the routine that worked for me, increase intensity and never take a break. Check progress regularly to keep motivation going, you are not going to be able to tell if you have lost weight, but others will and they will take notice. And most importantly- Get off your lazy butt and get moving!
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Hey this is totally awesome and not a plan that is completely out of reach. I really just need motivation. I am not overweight, but I still know the importance of eating right and exercising! :coocoo:
Hey this is totally awesome and not a plan that is completely out of reach. I really just need motivation. I am not overweight, but I still know the importance of eating right and exercising! :coocoo:
Of course it's not out of reach. Let me tell you there is no way under heaven that you are as in as bad a shape as I was in that first pic, no way. I was in such bad shape that even walking was a chore, I pounded my body with all the bad foods you can think of, I never exercised, I couldn't run if someone was chasing me with a knife. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
Loosing weight

Yeah, i do agree with TheGuy, loosing weight has no shortcut but to Exercise frequently and watching food intake. At the moment i've got a target to loose 10kg by end of April and through determination and God's favour am gonna do it. Am not over weght but will be soon if i dont do something. What motivates me is my only daughter who is almost 3 years and very active,whenever we go to the park together she likes us to run around and chase each other, so i dont want to fail her by being inactive but above all, my body is the temple of God let it be used to the fullest for the glory of God.
Please send more tips on fitness and help me out. God bless.
That is amazing, That guy. You have worked so hard; congratulations. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

I am not very overweight, but have 10 pounds or so that just seem to hang on even though I exercise 4X a week. Not using this as an excuse, but I did have a baby at age 45 and was not able to drop the weight off this time the way I did with pregnancies when I was young. I know it's not impossible though. I will keep trying. I have gone down 4 sizes since I had the baby, but he is 2 years old now.
Wonderful and well done chum.

16 lbs would make me happy. Dear Lord why do I winge as I struggle to lose 16 lbs

Feel free to smack me Doh
Do you recommend any meal plans and what times do I eat the small meals during the day
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