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How i became a preacher.

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Hello.My name is Slava .I live in Latvia.I am 23 years old.
In want to share with you how i became a preacher.
All my life changed completely after my dream-Library of God.

I saw a dream:

God took me to the heaven.
I stood in His library.There was a lot of His books.
All books were bigger than human books.
I took the biggest book.Opened it and read:

After this dream i searched on the internet christian websites.
And when i opened this :


all my room was full of light and in front our house appeared 2 rainbows.
My family is withess for that .Even my mother was amazed and said:
In front of our house!!!

I understood that this site is chosen by God.
And i began to promote this website in manual traffic exchanges.

I decided to tell about my dream to members of advertising site-Linkreferral.
And after this i saw a dream

God was pleased.

God again took me to the heaven.
I stood in front of God.
In left from me stood some angels.
Their faces were simple and looked like children faces.
In right from me stood some people.
We all looked at God.
God looked at me.He was pleased.
And His pleasure like three streams directed to us all.
And we all were full of pleasure.
And we all felt that Great pleasure.

Later i saw a dream:

Healed country.

I stood on the street.There people walked.
Suddenly appeared a young girl with big stomach a hump.
I looked at her.
A young man went from right to me close and this young girl went close to that young man.
This young man healed that girl.

When i asked one christian what this dream means,he said that this young girl is my country-Latvia and God healed her.

After this dream i saw a dream:


A young girl went close to me.
Her hair was like a gold.
Her face was like a sun.
Her hands was like a snow.
Her soul was pure and heart was full of love to me.

She loved me with all her heart.
And i loved her too.

I think this girl was my counry.
And she was grateful to me for something.

That was good dreams,but since i became a preacher deamons began to attack me very strong.

I saw a dream:

Millions of hits(This dream is very painful for me,but i want you to know it)

I stood alone on the street.
Suddenly in the air began to appear deamons.
There was a millions around in one street.
They all looked at me.
And they all flew to me.When they flew to me close -they looked like a sand ,because there was a millions of them.
They flew close to me and hited me.

It was not painful physically ,but it was very painful emotionally.
Imagine an army with millions of soldiers that run to you and attack you!

I saw a dream:

I and one old man,we searched for lost christian writings.
He taught me how to find them.

We collected some of them and laid them to the table.
People went and looked at them.
Suddenly a strange person appeared in front of the table.
I recognized him -it was devil.
He showed with his finger to the little christian writing and said:
I need this paper.
I answered him:
I will not give you this paper.

After my words wind took that writing and carried away.
I ran after it .When i found it -it was changed.
Sadly i took this writing and bringed it to the old man.

He took another writing and read:


Later i thought that i will never know what was in that paper.
I was very sad,but at that moment words came into my head:

I understood that those words was in that paper.
Devil stolen this knowledge from me ,but God returned.

I understood that the most that devil dont want christians to do-its to preach.
So,and the most that God wants christians to do-TO PREACH.

And He said unto them I must preach the Kingdom of God to others cities also:for therefore am i sent.
Luke 4:43

Jesus said unto him,Let the dead bury their dead:but go thou and preach
the Kingdom of God.
Luke 9:60

And He sent them to preach the Kingdom of God ,and to heal the sick.
Luke 9:2

And He said unto them,Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel
to every creature.
Mark 16:15

In childhood i saw a dream:

An old man went to our class.
And he said me and my classmates to sing.
We began to sing.That old man listened how we sang.
I sang the worse than all and i wanted to stop singing.
But i did not stoped.
When we stoped to sing that old man showed to me with his finger and said:

This boy sings better than all.

And i understood one thing:
Preaching the gospel is the song with which God is pleased.

And so i want sing for the Lord always .
I preach everyday in manual traffic exchanges.

My experience with preaching:

Some months ago i preached all night and at the morning in my mouth appeared
sweet taste that i never had before.It was some minutes.
And i thought that what if i will preach another night ,but stronger ,will this taste be stronger?
And i preached another night ,but stronger and at the morning again appeared sweet taste in my mouth,but more sweet.

Some weeks ago i saw a dream:

I stood with my sister in Christ.
I embraced her and said:
And where i search the protection?
She embraced me too and said:
In God!

After some days i saw this dream, God came to me.

It was a day .I fall asleep ,but my mind was still in my room.
I felt God presence in my room.
And i thought:
The Lord is here!

I felt that He take care about me and protect.
And i was afraid ,because God was so close to me.
And i thought:
He loves You.

And fear left me.

In Bible i read:

6 And Solomon went up thither to the brasen altar before the LORD, which was at the tabernacle of the congregation, and offered a thousand burnt offerings upon it.

2 Chronicles 1:6

I decided to bring to the LORD a Bowl of Will every day.
It means that every day i bring to the LORD what he wants.
And He wants us to PREACH.So i bring Him every day 1000 manual credits in different manual traffic exchanges.

Last night i wanted to bring Him Great Bowl of Will-10.000 credits in manual traffic exchanges.
But always when i want to bring to the LORD Great Bowl of Will something bothering me.
Sometimes my brother wakes up in night and says that he want to use computer.
Sometimes there are problems with internet connection.
Sometimes there are problems with traffic exchanges.
And sometimes i want to sleep.

Last night when i collected 5.000 manual credits my internet did not worked.
I tried to open websites,but there was said that there are no connection to the internet.
I tried and tried.
I thought that it is not casual and i said:

LORD protect me from devil. In the name of the Father ,and of the Son,and of the Holy Ghost.Amen

When i said those words internet began to work normally.


I saw a dream:
One young girl loved God with all her heart.
And she always spoke with Him like with best friend.
One day people saw that this girl prayed very sincere.
They became very angry to her and took her violently in Christian College.

In one lesson teacher gave to all students books with prays.
She said them to begin to read those books.
All began to read,except that young girl.

Teacher saw that young girl did not pray and said :
Read that prays!
Young girl refused.
All students stopped to read prayers and looked at that girl.

Teacher became angry and said:
Those prays God listens!!!

But young girl refused again.

After this teacher began to shout at young girl and commanded her to read that book.

Young girl began to cry very strong.She opened that book with prays and began to read a prayer with all her heart and love to God.
She read every word so sincere and beautiful.
All students began to read their prayers too,but suddenly they stopped ,because it seemed that young girl did not read prayer,but spoke with God.

They all looked at her how sincere she spoke.
And from window appeared a sun beam and shined to that young girl.

Teacher and students understood that God hear that young girl.
They became angry to that girl and expelled her from College.


I saw a dream:

One old woman invited me and a few other young boys and girls in little room.
We sat ,but she stood in front of us.
She said:



I saw a dream:

I went on the street.
Suddenly i fall to my kneel and began to speak with God .
I spoke with all my heart-sincere.
And when i spoke with God,i saw that golden coins flew from my body to the ground.
The more i spoke the more coins laid on the ground.


I saw a dream:

A few christians from all the world came to me.
They all were different ages.
An old woman came close to me and said:



First time when i saw Jesus was in my childhood.

I saw a dream:

I stood behind the glass wall.I looked at people in other side.They were angry to each other and cried to each other.
In my side i saw a Boy coming to be.
I recognized this Boy.
This Boy was Jesus.
I went close to Him,embraced Him and said:

I want to be with You!!!

And Jesus answered:


And He went forward.
I followed Him .


I saw a dream:

I saw Jesus.He said:

Its not casual that i wrote that words in Caps Lock.

When Jesus spoke those words ,His voice seemed like a thunder voice.
And His words was filled with amazing power.
I have never heard and felt before in my life such powerful words.

15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15


In past when i saw Jesus in my dreams,i did not understand His words.

Here is one of my past dreams:

I stood with a lot of people in a mountain.
Jesus stood there and told something.
When He said something,it was very hard to understand the meaning of His words.
People tried to understand what He said,but Jesus continued with a new wisdom.
I will tell you honestly i did not understand His words in this dream.

But when i became a preacher,Jesus came to me in my dream and said:


And after this dream i began to understand every His word in my dreams.
Even in Bible i began to understand scriptures.

In past i read Bible and did not understand any word there.
Later i read Bible and understood some simple scriptures.
But now when i read the Bible i see scriptures.

Sometimes when i read a Bible i have a feeling that a light come from my eyes.


I saw a dream:

One man from our work conjured versus me and my dad.
I made a lemon tea and gave it to dad,saying:
Take this dad.
He said:
Thank you.

I knew that it will not help,but i tried to show him that i am worried about him.
He did not know that our friend conjured versus us .

If i told my dad about this ,he could not believe,because he dont believe in such things.

In my hands was a thin book.
On on the cover of this book was pictured Christ.

This book contained only four gospels:
I began to read that book and i felt better.
I felt that my condition becomes better with every word.
I felt that all words that i read were alive.

Now i read four gospels only.
At this moment i loved those gospels so much that i cant live without them.


I saw a dream:

I saw me and my brother.
In left from us was an ocean.
In right from us was narrow road from stone.
We went right way.

This ocean was the way to the death.
The way to the death is wide like ocean and thats truth.
When i saw it i was shocked and afraid.
And narrow road from stone was way to life.
Jesus Christ is the way to life.
He is that narrow way.


In november 2007 i saw a dream:

Jesus came to me and said:

You are My friend.You keep My word.
After my dream i remembered a scripture in Bible:

14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.
John 15:14

I am not alone.

Some weeks ago i saw a dream:

I went alone on the ground forward.
And i saw that Jesus went behind me on heaven.


One morning i woke up,because i heard someone said:


I thought it were my parents or brother,but they slept.
And i understood it was God.

Later i saw a dream:

I stood with my sisters in Christ in front of my classmates.
In left from me stood history teacher.

I told them that one morning God called my name.
He said :

They looked at me .They all were amazed.

After this i said:


And my classmates eyes were red.And my teachers eyes were red too.
They wanted to kill us.
But we went away from them.


I was in a big room with people.
They spoke about many things.
When they stopped to speak i said:

Russia dies in sin.Latvia dies in sin.

But no one reacted at my words.
People were like a deaf.

Beams to my heart.

One morning i woke up and saw beams from my window shined to me.
I turned my head right and saw one big visible beam that shined to my heart.
I did not moved.I did not understand what happens.

My 5 deaths.

When i became a preacher i saw a dream:

I went on a little planet.All planet was from salt.
I went my way.
Suddenly i saw five black persons far from me stood on my way.
They talked and looked in all sides.They waited for me.
I went and tried they not to see me.
And they did not see me.

At the next day after this dream in my work happened a situation when i could die.
At the second day in my grandfathers garden happened a situation when i could die again.
At the second day i was afraid,because i understood who were that five black persons.
They were my 5 deaths.

I understood that in third day will happens a situation when i can die.

I said to God:
God protect me.I dont want to play this devil game.

And third day was normal day and others too.

The reasons.

In my dream the voice said me:


I use this knowledge in my life.
If something happens i remember those words and analyze the situation.

The voice.

In my dream i the voice said me:


Good advice.

In my dreams 1) i often hear voice says me something.
2)The words appears in front of me and i read them.
3)I can feel some things.
In last dream i felt conjured air in my country.

I saw a dream :

The words appeared in front of me and i read them:


One preaching night.

In one night when i preached on the internet i wanted to sleep.
I went to my bed ,but i did not shut down my computer.
In this moment i thought that God wants me to preach,but i am going to sleep.

And i decided to preach again.
I preached else 30 minutes.

After this i went to sleep.
And i saw a dream:

One word appeared in front of me:



I saw a dream:

I and one young man,we together went with Jesus.
Young man was in right side from Jesus.
I was in left side from Jesus.
Jesus turned to that young man and said something.
After His words right side was full of light.
Jesus turned to me and said:


And left side was full of light too.


Before to go to sleep i said to God:

God show me the truth!

And i saw a dream:

I saw a harbour.People worked there.
Everyone did their work.
Harbour like harbour.People like people nothing unusual .

Suddenly with a wind picture changed.

I saw that all that people were devils servants inside.And they did his will.They worked for him.
I was shocked with seeing .

Food for my soul.

I saw a dream:

I saw a little bird in the air.
This bird wanted to land,but there were cats on the ground.
Looking at that bird i raised my right hand.
This bird landed to my right hand and looked at me.
And i remembered that i have white bread in my pocket.
I took that bread and gave it to that bird.
This bird ate this bread like a hungry.

This bird is my soul.Cats are enemies of my soul.White bread is God word.


Some weeks ago i saw a dream:

I stood with a huge crowd of people.
We all looked at heaven.
Suddenly there appeared Jesus he came from heaven to us.
He came and stood in front of me.
I was amazed.
People in right side from me were very glad and said me:

Slava,Jesus came to you!

And i looked at Jesus.He looked at me.
I felt the highest happiness.
In that moment i did not thought anything.And i even did not moved.
I just looked at Him all the time.


In this september i saw a dream:

I stood with a crowd of people.
And a messenger from God came to us.
He stood in front of us.
He began to read a message from God:

(Name Surname of the first man receives definite sum of money)
(Name Surname of the second man receives a house)
(Name Surname of the third man receives a car)
Slava Napolov...

(When i heard my name and surname i was amazed and shocked,because i did not hoped to hear my name in God message.)

Slava Napolov receives a Ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven.


I saw a dream:

God showed me 100 rooms with 100 situations.
In every situation was money and troubles with them.

After this dream i made one conclusion:



Before to go to sleep i said to the Lord:

Lord,maybe you dont like my prayers?
Maybe you dont want me to pray?

And i saw a dream:

I saw space.In front of me appeared big yellow shining nimbus.

And i dont know from which side i heard sweet voice:


Those words were so sweet that i wanted to hear them all the time.
The word WANT sounded like a wish and not like a command.
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New Member
Hey Slava, Welcome to Talk Jesus. Thank for sharing your story. Enjoy the fellowship.

God Bless

2 Timothy 4:2
"Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine." KJV
Loyal Member
WOW...welcome to talkJesus.

Thank you for sharing all of that, it was a blessing. I'm not going to lie I still have more to read.

God bless.

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