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How Health Care Reform Will Affect You

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. How Health Care Reform Will Affect You

    Historic Bill Will Change Health Care in the Short Term and Long Term for Consumers and Employers

    By Andy Miller
    WebMD Health News
    Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

    March 22, 2010 -- The yearlong, often ugly journey toward health care reform reached a historic milestone late Sunday night, with the House approving legislation that would extend coverage to 32 million more Americans and impose new restrictions on the insurance industry.
    Here are answers to some frequent questions about what reform will mean to consumers:

    What provisions begin soon?

    Starting this year, children up to age 26 would be allowed to remain on their parents' health plan. People with pre-existing medical conditions would be eligible for a new federally funded "high-risk" insurance program. Small businesses could qualify for tax credits of up to 35% of the cost of premiums. Insurance plans would be barred from setting lifetime caps on coverage and would no longer be able to cancel policies when a patient gets sick. Health plans would also be prohibited from excluding pre-existing conditions from coverage for children.

    When do the main reform changes kick in?

    In 2014. That’s when insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, would be set up in states to offer competitive pricing on health policies for individuals and small businesses that don’t have coverage. People with a pre-existing condition would no longer be denied coverage, and all lifetime and annual limits on coverage would be eliminated. Medicaid would be expanded to cover more low-income Americans.

    What are the requirements for individuals to buy insurance?

    Starting in 2014, a person who did not obtain coverage would pay a penalty of $95 or 1% of income, whichever is greater. That penalty would rise to $695 or 2.5% of income by 2016. The bill would exempt the lowest-income people from that insurance requirement.
    Medicaid would be expanded to cover those under age 65 with an income of up to 133% of the federal poverty level (below $29, 327 for a family of four).

    To make coverage more affordable, the legislation would offer premium subsidies for people with incomes more than 133% but less than 400% of the federal poverty level ($29,327 to $88, 200 for a family of four).
    In addition, people in their 20s would have the option to buy a lower-cost "catastrophic" health plan.

    How will small employers be affected by the changes?

    Employers with 50 or more workers would face fines for not providing insurance coverage. Businesses with smaller workforces, though, would be exempt. Companies would get tax credits to help buy insurance if they have 25 or fewer employees and a workforce with an average wage of up to $50,000.

    I’m covered by a large employer. How will it affect me?

    Large employers would run their health plans as they do now, so there won’t be much change. Even though they have more insurance-buying clout, large businesses have seen steadily rising insurance premiums over the past decade without reform, as medical costs have increased. That pattern isn’t likely to change much, at least immediately.

    How does the bill affect Medicare recipients?

    Seniors will get immediate help on the "doughnut hole" - a gap in their coverage for prescription drugs. This year, those reaching that hole would get $250 to help pay their drug costs. Next year, they would receive a 50% discount on the cost of brand-name drugs in the doughnut hole. Meanwhile, preventive screenings would be free to beneficiaries beginning this year.

    But federal payments to Medicare Advantage plans would be cut substantially, starting in 2011. So seniors in those plans may lose some extra benefits, such as free eyeglasses.

    What changes will occur in Medicaid?

    Individuals and families with incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level (below $29,327 for a family of four) will gain coverage. The federal government will pay all the states’ costs for the newly eligible Medicaid beneficiaries for three years. And primary-care doctors treating Medicaid patients will get an increase in their fees.

    Will reform reduce health insurance costs?

    Many health care experts say that while it contains some cost-cutting provisions and pilot programs, the legislation doesn’t go far enough to tame rising costs. People with chronic medical problems, though, generally would see their premiums decrease because of the new ban on pre-existing condition discrimination.

    How will the $940 billion price tag (over 10 years) be paid for?

    Wealthier families will pay more in taxes. Starting in 2013, families with annual incomes above $250,000 (and individuals earning more than $200,000) would pay an additional 3.8% tax on investment income, and also face a higher Medicare payroll tax. Expensive, "Cadillac" insurance plans would draw a new tax starting in 2018. And the Medicare program would receive substantial cuts, including a $132 billion reduction in funding for Advantage plans run by private insurers.

    What are some reform provisions that have gone under the radar?

    A new, voluntary long-term care benefit would help people who become disabled. Indoor tanning sessions will face a new tax. And the bill requires chain restaurants with 20 or more outlets to post calorie counts on menus and menu boards.
  2. Socialism has walked into this country through medicine being socialized. Everyone needs healthcare, thats a no brainer. But to now have the government knowing who we are into our private lives is scary! Before I go I will leave you with the greatest socialized aspects of others coming into power. One guy named Stalin, look him up and see how many he knocked off as in comparison to Adolph Hitler, Then check out Mao in his endeavoring reach for socialism medicine! Then check out Paul Potts in his great regard to socialism of ones country as in the "Killing fields" . Google all of this to educate you in regard to this health care bill!
  3. I must also write that its so sad that Young Christians are not aware of what socialism is!
  4. Socialized medicince has lead to rationing of care and poor quality of treatment everywhere it has been tried.

    Several States in the US have tried it and each time it led to bankruptcy.

    The average Government entitlement usually costs thousnads of times it's origianl projections.
  5. Yeah, I'm sorry but these provisions don't amount to socialism. Nothing in this release comes even close to the effects of socialized medicine. And even in countries where socialized medicine is in effect, there aren't the ghastly tales of woe being spread on some news networks. Educating ourselves about what's actually going on in Washington is all important. Thank you for this, Chad. It's great to see information that comes from a credible, objective source and isn't culled from Limbaugh or a Fox news anchor.
  6. Alot of people seem confused about the goals of this administration.

    First they seized control of the banks.,
    then the auto makers,
    the the home mortgage industry,
    then the health-care industry,
    the student loan industry,
    with plans to control the :
    IRA's and 401K's
    and the list could go on.
    America stopped being a "free market country" some 6 months ago due to the high % of Government control.

    To say this isn't socialized is a joke.
    To not understand that this is a power and money grab is to not understand the nature of the beast.
    What happened everywhere else this was tried and what will happen here is this:
    Companies find out it is cheaper to dump their employees in this (sub-standard care) system and soon the government is not only the last game in town but will literally go bankrupt trying to pay for it all.
    With 60% of the US budget already going for "entitlements" it is just a matter of time before this system collapse.This has been tried in several states and failed already.
    To bad 50 million potential taxpayers were aborted so now they are looking for ways to get rid of the old people. Sadly these people paid taxes for medi-care all their lives and now $500,000,000,000.00 is being siphoned off and given to others who paid $0.
    Also sadly I have friends in countries with just such medical systems and they suffer greatly for it.
    Saddest of all - where are the poor folks in Canada going to go for good treatment?
  7. Let's put propaganda aside. What's going on in Washington is not Socialism. No one can argue that the preponderance of entitlements is staggering and will most likely damn America to insolvency. No endtimes understanding of our world through the lens of scripture includes America in any relevant sense if at all. This is almost certainly because America as such will no longer exist. Sure, the land will remain, the people will be there, but the superpower will be a footnote of history; no more relevant in the international arena than Timor.

    Socialism is when the public controls the means of production and resources. The prevalent assertion, though incorrect, is that the government will control healthcare. Neither of these are accurate nor Socialism. I have no contention with the FACT that what is happening in America is dangerous and portends of the unchangeable future plans of God.

    The take away from this is that there is enough sinister going on without trying to sexy it up by calling it something it's not. Further, this steamroller called God's plan will be accomplished. This new healthcare bill may be the channel by which the system of the mark of the beast is administered, particularly if everyone is mandated to participate. It isn't a stretch to say that "you have to have health insurance" will eventually and soon become "you have to take the mark". It doesn't outrage me at all because I see scripture unfolding in a real and undeniable way.
  8. Progressive socialism! The Constitution needs to be ever changing to keep up with the times, so they say. An attack against our freedom and rights! Soon you will be asked "Take a number please."
  9. Sadly that is the propaganda.
    We want our Constitution back.
  10. It is so sad here in our State of Michigan,the unions have destroyed this city,but, finally the union workers are getting it!! They have found out what most of us have known all along!! The union is part of Goverment! It is going to be a most ugly summer here,so many are so angry! Do any of you remember the 67 riots? I do, my own father who was a cop worked in those day,ic the same for this year here,whether it will spead, remains to be seen,our own Governor is running for cover with so many death threats,she should!!She is not even an Amercian!! She is from Canada!! Now I do love the people in Canada but this is the U.S!! I want my Country back!! NOW!!! please continue to pray,look to get along with all men,because as I have stated before, anger can cloud judgement,and our purpose,is 1 Cor 9:22 saveing as many as we can! Please pray for our State of Michigan,so many have no place to go,if you have never been homeless good!! I am so glad!! But I have,for a period of almost 2 and a half years,I know what they are thinking,please do not judge all homeless as being in the way,they are people, some are lost, some do have major problems!! some are very weak in themselves, but what they really are!! is a reflction on our own Goverment,how can a Country as great as ours,have homeless!! because the Goverment is not us!!! we care!! they do not! The new health care billed should of been passed 2 days ago!! April fools day, at least the people would of not been surprised by that! be blessed all!! Pray for your State as well!! they need it!!
  11. Healthcare

    God is in absolute control of all of it. The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, and He turns it withersoever He will. By the hand of God your king has given you universal medicare, for either good or ill.
  12. True- as in Israel when a nations heart strayed from Him He allowed such judgment to befall them. But He also broke such curses when that nation fell on it's knees in repentance.
    Praise Him for His mercy.

    My father in-law is a real servant of God. He is retired from AT+T for many years now. With the first year loss of $1,000,000,000.00 his company now has under the "tax for four years before the program kicks in" his company is now telling this old man his insurance will be drastically cut.
    This is very sad and yet I have a witness in my spirit that this mess will be overturned in the next 5 to 10 years.
    Just keep praying.
  13. I think, just my opinion and I think I read somewhere, the nations get judge here and now because a nation cannot stand before God. I'm in agreement with you lets hope this nation fall on its knees in repentance.

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