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how far do you drive to go to church?

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how many miles is your church from your home?

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For 15 years it was 200 yards. I've moved home, but not church, so now it's a mile and a half. I walk, cycle or take the bus if the weather's too bad.
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Greetings @Dave M

I don't often go to church but when I do it's about 1 mile away, so a nice walk with the children downhill going and steep uphill back!!!

My husband goes to a men's Bible group/ prayer group in a brothers home....around 5 miles away.

Is you question simply curiosity?

And what about you brother, how far do you travel to church?:smile:
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I have to travel 8 miles.
Not too bad, since I go to an early service, and most people are still at home in bed.
Which means I hope they're all going to the later services!
I drive about 15 minutes to the next town for church. About 12 miles. Half of that is 4-lane highway @65 mp. and half is in town from 55 mp - 30 mp.

I've driven as much as 25 minutes.
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