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How Does The Bible Fit into your Day

How would you describe to somebody what the Bible means to you?
Does the Bible have any impact on your day? Answer as if you were telling the Lord :)
Blessings in Christ,

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The Bible, in all truth, to me sometimes doesn't have any part in my day. I get up in the morning and have to rush to get to school. I wash up, make my bed, clean my room a bit, dress, eat breakfast, kiss parents goodbye and head out. At school all I do is schoolwork and in the break I get of an hour I catch a snooze if im really tired or try to finish homework. Then I get home, chores pile up or church has something going on and I pay attention to those things. Then I go to sleep at night. Even in church I dont get the right dosage of Christian thinking that comes from an appropriate time given to studying and just reading Scripture.

Now, I try to think to myself... "What's the problem?" I look at my schedule and see that maybe I could make time to read the Bible and dedicate at least 30 min a day, and my grades wouldnt go down, my household wouldnt collapse, church wouldn't suffer and my social life (if I have one) isn't going to get any worse :) In retrospect I think that the main cause for me to not really take the time to read the Bible is probably a few of the following things:

1. OVER-CONFIDENCE - It seems that whenever a person, especially a Christian, thinks they know everything already they tend to convince themselves that they dont NEED to read or study anymore what the Bible says, and hence, they forget eventually what the word of God means to them. I myself feel that I fall into temptation easily when Im alone at home or by myself elsewhere, probably due to my own devaluation of God's holy Word.

2. LACK OF INITIATIVE - I feel that maybe since we sometimes believe the illusion there are "so many" Christians out in the world and in our own neighborhoods we tend to think "let them do the work" and we ourselves do nothing to involve our own daily lives in Godly or Biblical activities. We become followers, not leaders, which is what is needed especially in today's modern world.

3. INDIFFERENCE - Some people feel maybe that they have everything down in the "Christian's Checklist" of things needed just to go to heaven. That's all we care about right? Wrong. We can live our lives going to church, singing praise songs, even witnessing to other people, but if we don't study the Bible and routinely remind ourselves of what the purpose of our life is then we will just become air wasters.

4. NO TIME - Our schedules and daily lives demand time for work, school, family, chores and other activities that we are involved in. We need to survive and pay bills, we need to have our social lives and time for our friends, we want to have fun and go out. We probably tend to put God aside because we feel He understands or will automatically forgive us. We feel that, again, we know God already so we dont need to use up time in reading a "boring book" like the Bible (Of course, it is NOT boring, though many people I know would unfortunately think so).

5. BREAKDOWN - Sometimes, especially in myself, our actions and thoughts will begin to slowly break down and crumble as to our faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Sometimes Christians might get overexposed to religion all their lives that they will seek things opposite it to run away from the beliefs that were forced upon them. Also, some Christians will lose their faith to discouragement, feelings of rejection, doubts in the credibility of a God and will be swept away by other sins and temptations that offer false fulfillment and sinful feeding of personal desires.

I think that although the reasons above for having no Bible application in our daily lives
might possibly sound commonplace or even logically acceptable (I hope not!), if a Christian gets themselves off the ground, rolls up their sleeves and proceeds to dedicate a personal 1 on 1 time with God through a good reading of the scriptures, as well as dedicating a time of prayer, they will rediscover God and enhance the relationship they might have lost with him a long time ago. I know that's where I'm at. Hopefully this can help you.
I don't fit God and His Word into my schedule. I turn my will and my life over to Him and find time for other stuff after Scripture reading. The horse pulls the cart; the cart does not pull the horse.

The bible is an important tool for my day

The bible is your sword. It can be used to help in any situation. If you are in doubt, fearful, lonely, depressed, whatever, you can find a scripture in there for it. Sometimes when I feel myself start to stray away from my spirituality, I will open it up and read. All I do before I open it, is ask God to show me what he wants me to read then whatever I open the bible up to is what I read and it is usually an answer to a problem, or question.

One day I was sitting waiting for my ride and God told me to open my bible and so I asked him to what, and he sent me to Isaiah 55-58. To summarize it was a promise of everlasting kindness. 55:6 says "Seek theLord while he may be found, Call upon him while he is near." verse 11 & 12 say "So shallMy word be that goes forth from my mouth; It shallnot return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent. For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you and all the trees of the field shallclap their hands."

This gave me hope.

My suggestion to anyone who reads this is to keep your bible with you. It is your sword, and if you believe enough you'll find your answers.
the bible has a Great impact on my life. And the more I read and learn I just cant describe it .The mind of God I cant even comprehend it leaves me in awe the word of God for me is sharper then a two edged sword but I dont use it to fight with other christians to prove a point .I find it cuts me and keeps me in line all day long in the choices I make.And because of it evil flees its a spiritual battle and with out the word of God I would compleatly fail but the LORD is my strength and what else can I say except GODS own word Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD.
I don't have the time to read the Bible as often as I would like, being a single dad. The Bible is absolutely Holy and infallible. After being baptized in the Holy Spirit the Bible became more than words. It came alive and I know that God wrote those words to speak so intimately to each one of us on a personal level. The Holy Spirit begins revealing truth instead of doctrine.
Good brother

Good question? The Word is food for the Spirit, we must keep him feed amen. See Romans 8:5 KJV For they that are after the flesh do mind things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. We have to spend time with God everyday in his Word-it's a MUST for me. If I don't spend time in God's Word each day, the Spirit convicts me. But that does not happen now its a joy for me to spend time with him each day.

In addition, the more seed we keep in the mist of our HEARTS, the more PERFECT our HEARTS will be to our God. keep that seed in front of your eyes, praise God.
I am not to sure in how to answer this question. For The Almighty GOD & Jesus Christ work in my life in so many ways including talking to me. I love my Bible, I'm happy to have a Bible, but most of all I am thankful for having a Bible - for many times GOD has answered my questions through the Bible - and I truly do great joy from that!
Would I be lost with out my Bible? Well, I would truly miss my Bible, but I would not be lost with out it, because I have GOD & I know that if GOD wants me to have a Bible HE will make sure I can get my hands on a Bible.
GOD speeks to us all in so many amazing ways. So, yes if I was to loose my Bible, I would truly miss it, and hope that it would at-least end up in the right hands of some one else who can righteously use it. But, as for me I can always get another one., if GOD is willing.