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How does a person help one another when its cold and you don't know where exactly to reach them?

This is friend again with another Big question.
Its been a cold day today. Its borderline freezing. I know that its cold outside even for the strongest bodily trained person. Likely alot of people are able to get free clothes because where I live in Albuquerque NM I have been a person who gets free clothes myself and its at a place called steel bridge...
Then I realize there is soup kitchen and st martins and all types of charitable places that feed people. But yesterday when I awake from sleep I noticed that it was snowing heavy... I thought about what it might be like to be out in that cold.
What do I do about this?
Thank you,
I know nothing about Albuquerque, so this is a very general response that I picked up from a Christian book on community work.

Get two large pieces of paper. On the first write down the things that you are concerned about - homelessness, cruelty to animals, corruption etc. That's your area of concern.

On the second piece of paper write down your abilities and resources - being persuasive, access to a car, influential friends etc. That's your area of influence.

To be effective in changing things, you need to focus on the resources you have and the ways you can use them. It should make you more confident and more likely to spot opportunities to do good.

Keep all you concerns in mind, but don't make them your main focus. If you concentrate on your concerns there's a good chance you'll get overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems in the world and feel hopeless.

And of course pray, asking God to use you and to guide you.
Greetings friend,
Good to see you back.
Pray for us to put it simple.
God has obviously put this on your heart. Pray for us.
God bless you.