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How do you love God?

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Jesus said love God with all your heart and soul and strength, how? I can't see God, I can't hear his voice. Is it by reading the Bible because I did read some of the stories and changes to my heart.
I can't 'hear' his voice either, but I can hear my voice and the voice of my spirit; if I cannot do what is right with my own spirit, how can I do what is right with his?

By keeping his commandments. You can feel God he is all around. Especially in your dreams because they are closer to heaven.
Godsangel,how does someone love you? 2 ways. 1. ( Rom 8:14-15) and ( 1 Thess 5:18) If I place you above myself,you will know this,and you shall also know that even through we make mistakes in life,you will always not only believe,but also KNOW,that you are loved. Jesus knows our heart!( 1 Sam 16:7) His word says to ask,seek,and knock( Matt 7:7) So since we are imperfect, how does Jesus really know we love him??

For many months I considered this in my prayer closet,finally one night about 1am I had a dream of a giant billboard sign which read ( Proverbs 8:17) It woke me up out of a sound sleep!! LOL I ran to get my Bible to read the following.If i love,then I will always look to be seeking you first in my life. This is my goal,and for this,i also have been greatly rewarded!( Heb 11:6) You will be to!!! In order to lead in life,one must first learn how to follow in life.Blessing
Jesus said love God with all your heart and soul and strength, how? I can't see God, I can't hear his voice. Is it by reading the Bible because I did read some of the stories and changes to my heart.
Pick something you love. Not something you like a lot, but something/someone that you would die to protect, thats love. That being said, you dont need to protect God, He is all powerful, and He subdues His own power with us out of love for us and that would would repent and turn more fully towards Him. But you "can" help protect those He loves here on earth.

First, by not being a hypocrite, being an example that others see the truth in, even if they dont tell you so. Dont give the sheep reason to turn away from God when they see you and know you are a child of God.
Second, when you love someone, you want to know more about them, spend more time with them. Do the same to God, if you love Him, spend more time in prayer, not the prayers of those in church that want to be looked on as spiritual, but the prayers/talking your mind to God about life, what you like, what you dont like, let Him know what you appreciate in life. Dont take God for granted, He gave us this beautiful world because He loves us, tell Him you appreciate the good things in life that He provided. Spend more time learning about God, read scripture, try to learn the nature of God and how He acts or his messengers act to learn more about God.
Third and last of all, understand that He left the Holy Spirit to guide us in all things. You can mind speak to the Holy Spirit as well, ask for guidance, thats what the Holy Spirit is for. The Holy Spirit is God's representative here on earth, learn about how the Holy Spirit works, and utilize that connection daily.
The Lord saved me when I was 20 by experiencing the fruit of the Spirit. This caused me to believe in him. I'm now 71 and have experienced a lifetime of his miraculous providence through living the Sermon on the Mount. So the older you get the more you learn about him and love him all the more. I loved God then but not as much as I do now, looking back over his hand on my life.
God's Word is what changes a person's heart. The Holy Spirit works through His Word. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit draws us to Him.

To be saved -- 1 Corinthians 15: 1-3 or so. That Jesus Christ died on the cross and was buried and rose again the 3 rd day according to the Scriptures." Jesus Christ being the Son of God.

Romans 10: 9 - 10 Belief in your heart and confession unto salvation. Where is a person placing their faith?

Well -- a person receives the Holy Spirit's indwelling at the moment of salvation and then with That -- there is evidence Of the fruits of the Spirit within the person as a result Of that.

And, yes, we Are to be growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ all of our lives.
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Jesus said love God with all your heart and soul and strength, how? I can't see God, I can't hear his voice. Is it by reading the Bible because I did read some of the stories and changes to my heart.
I see God in EVERY blue sky, every bird that tweets, every sunrise and cloud. I see God in every color that beams, every smiling face, every flower that blows in the wind. I feel God in every warm coat I put on and in the taste of every delicious bite of food I encounter. I feel God in the love I have for my family and in the passion I have for things I care about. I smell God in every mesquite fire I smell burning from a fireplace and in the aroma of a freshly cleaned house. I feel God in the refreshing feeling of stepping from the shower all clean and rejuvenated and when I look into the mirror and I see my human imperfections, I remember that the devil is a liar because God made me perfect in His eyes and if I changed anything, I would be insulting His Creation and He would not recognize me- and I would no longer recognize Him in me. If that happened- I would want to die because if you cannot see God in everything, how could anything matter? We are so much more than we have become.

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