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How do you know you're in love

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by rizen1, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. #1 rizen1, Jan 30, 2008
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2008
    This question is for those who are currently married or engaged.
    Those who are dating can also answer.

    And I want to know about the feeling you got,
    the comfirmation you recieved that He or she was the "one".

    ~Did he/she come in the package you wanted ?
    ~Did they meet your preferences ?
    ~I've heard opposites attract but how real is this statement ? (personality not beliefs )

  2. Dont rush all at once.......
  3. #3 mounty, Feb 2, 2008
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2008
    My motto is , if when you wake up in the morning and that person is one of the first thoughts in head, and one of last thoughts as you fall asleep at night then you know.

    Thats just me lol

    ~Did he/she come in the package you wanted ?

    In my experience more often than not the answer is no, you cant love just a pretty face, you fall in love with what is inside whats on the outside is a bonus

    ~Did they meet your preferences ?

    Not all the time no, i guess when you bring two lives together there is alot of give and take, you kinda mould around one another.

    ~I've heard opposites attract but how real is this statement ? (personality not beliefs )

    Yes sometimes they do, my parents have been married for over fourty years and they are so not alike lol, but there love is amazing ,i know there are times my dad wants to kill my mum, she really loves shoes a bit too much lol.
  4. Thanks mounty, for the great response.
  5. I think you know you're in love when you need people to tell you the wrongs in that someone so you can stop loving this person, but it doesn't.

    when you dream of this one and you wake up with the biggest grin, when you don't need to force yourself to like them, when you think of this person and you're more than sure they're thinking of you too.

    when you first meet this person, you'll know it from the very start.
    when you really really long to know what they think, their opinions, their likes and dislikes.

    when you rent their favourite movie just to know how they felt when they watched it...when their name resounds in your mind all day long.

    you know you are in love when you stop wondering if you are in love or not, you'll be sure about it... that's when, when you stop asking yourself :)
  6. What is love?

    Since Truehearts and Rizen1 are really discussing dating,
    I want you to define Love, based on your experinces, I know there are so many scriptures about Love, but it seems it's rarely found!

    How do you even know if you're in love? Is every love story different every time you fall in love?
    I'm almost 21 and it's amazing how little I know about Love!
  7. #7 rizen1, Sep 18, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2008
  8. a wonderful thing. It means to woo, to court, to spend time with.
    It springs from having a desire a longing to be with someone, because you like them. Something has clicked in the heart. So time is spent in each others company. And the joy, yes that is it, the heartfelt joy, pleasure which lifts the spirit. The whole world is a better place.......A spring in the step etc. All because there is that chemistry between a man and a woman, which draws them together........

    And absolutely vital that chemistry is.. Like can be difficult having married the one you love, the right person. Life must be very difficult indeed to have married the wrong one.
  9. Such sweet words, to sum up the word love......
    God bless you brother,and yes it would be difficult to have married the wrong one.
  10. for me, LoVE takes TIME...

    I'll fall in love with someone who can show me that he loves God more than he loves me...
  11. #11 Property Of God, Sep 19, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2008
    Interesting point, please elaborate?

    For me I started understanding Love from a Marketing point of view Brand Loyality,
    It's not based on emotions, and you stick by a brand until the end, supporting it, cause you just know it fits you and it has all you need.
  12. When I fall in love


    When I fall in love it will be forever
    Or Ill never fall in love

    In a restless world like this is
    Love is ended before its begun
    And too many moonlight kisses
    Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

    When I give my heart it will be completely
    Or Ill never give my heart
    And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
    Is when I fall in love with you.

    And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
    Is when I fall in love with you.
  13. I've talked to my elder sister about it, she has been with her BF for a year now and he proposed to her, She said love is after you get to know a person, good and bad, flaws and all, and you still want this someone.

    I must admit, I never loved the way she described it, I did accept flaws, but still, it was always more of an infatuation than love.
  14. #14 TheWidowsOffering, Sep 22, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2008
    is this love?

    when i was thirteen i saw this man very neat in his school uniform and very much attracted to him since then until after graduation in college. Because of my affection to this guy i did never dream of any other man than him. I prayed for him to be born again if he's God's will for me [the funny thing is we never had time to get along with each other though we've been classmates for six years in secondary and grade school, then still became schoolmates for four years in college. hahaha]. For almost eleven long years I cherished this man in my heart that someday I will be married with him and be his wife. I never loose hope about him until he got married three years later after his graduation and never was been saved too. Is this love?

    Nine months after my graduation in college there come one man who became my friend got born again in a single time and became by lover after three months. I've known about his background [his past and present condition] and his family.Never in my life i dreamed a man like him but when i committed myself to him [and yes been serious and decided to be his wife soon once we're prepared for marriage] i forgot everything about him, his past, his present and what i can only see is how would God be working in His life. Again is this love? But due to God's direction I have to give him up for the moment but only to find out he's not the right man for me. I cried about him those days and been worried he might not understand why i have to loosen my commitment because he is a baby Christian that time. But due to God's promise that He will be keeping him so i have to trust Him. He's married now [to his senior pastor's daughter in their town] and about to have his baby soon. Since the day i gave him up I already focused myself to my family and in God's service. I thank God because I've known he's continuing his commitment to serve and follow Jesus. Today if i'm to be in love again? I see to it that it's God's choice for me.

    GOD bless everyone.
  15. It's really good of you to give a guy up for God, I don't know if I ever can do this willingly, God always excused me from this test, I'm not that strong.

    Hopefully God will reward you.

    The great thing about love, is that you can always fall into it, and be interested in many special people, every love story is so different and special like a rose!
  16. #16 rizen1, Sep 22, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2008

    It's so true and can be dangerous for some when they don't know how to fall out of it, you read about
    those obsessive people who stalks or kills there lover.
    Love is a beautiful thing, but it all starts with God and ourselves.
    God's love is unconditional, when we try to follow after his perfect love we learn how to love ourselves. Because God sees value in every person. If we can open up ourselves to be loved by God and experience that joy in ourselves, it's so much love bursting that you want to share it with someone else forever.

    We didn't have to work for God's love
    Romans5;8....But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
    Guys say, well if you do love me then we can have sex, we're getting married anyway....sure

    We're attracted to people who are spiritually at our levels or above, we want someone who loves God as much as we do.
    The relationship would be easier because, he loves God as much as you and won't dare ask you to compromise.
    Love is beautiful, but if we don't know the Love of God and we don't love ourselves.....that love we claim is being measure by whose standards.

    When we don't love ourselves, we accept whatever price tag is offered. If young girls only see themselves as china tea cups and not Styrofoam ...they would be more decisive who is worthy to drink of their virtue.
    I pray that in everything we do, our love for each other would be of God's standards......
  17. How do you know you're in love?

    How do you know you're in love when you're married? When you can wake up in the morning, look at your spouse (she - no makeup on, baggy eyes, and messy hair or he - unshaven, breath that could melt your false eyelashes, and maybe scratching his stomach), and earnestly say, "I love you".

  18. Ha Ha Ha H :shade:

    As much as funny ths is, it's very very true!!

    But you forgot the husband's belly, and the women unshaven body aswell!
    Seals the deal, that's the ultimate love test! LOL
  19. #19 Truehearts, Sep 24, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2008
    awww.... whenever i came across at old couples holdong hands or youll see them eating together, the man still opens the car doors for her and they're walking at the crowded mall laughing together... I always say a small whispr of prayer to God, "Lord, i pray that someday whoever that person that you have prepared for me, we'll be like that too...
    old and still inlove with each other..."


  20. God has assigned you the job of keeping your standards high as you meet men. It is you who will separate the wheat from the chaff.


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