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How do we manage our house?

How do we manage our house? To be a manager of anything we must know the business of what we are managing, we should know it so well that when the owner is gone, the business will still run as smoothly as it would if he were still there.
To be that manager you must be equipped first with the basics in management, and then find a company that is willing to take the risk of having you as a manager.
You vow that you will do your best and manage the company as if the boss were never gone.
But how do we take on such a great endeavor? Having been a manager of maintenance in housing for over 6 years, I know what I expected from my subordinates when I went on vacation. I expected everything to run as smooth as it would if I were there. I did not expect to come home from vacation and have a pile of work to do because those I left in charge were incapable of doing the work they were given.
To be a good manager, and manage in the manner of the owner, you have to know and understand the business, truly, not just say you know it but you must truly know it inside and out. You must know every vendor listed by priority, you must know the skills of every employee, their strengths and weaknesses, you must know the schedules throughout each day, and you must know how to handle a problem the same way as the owner would when it arises.
To do this well and in ernest you must become like minded with the owner--think like him, react like him, and decide like him, in other words, do as he would do. “But how can this be done? I’m not him,” you say. True, but if you are to manage like the boss, if that is your desire, you must come as humanly close to being like your boss as you can.
To do this you must study your bosses ways, his attitude, his behavior, his likes and dislikes, his moral and ethical ground, and so on. You must know your boss’ ways to manage like your boss. It does no good to go to someone else's boss to learn your bosses ways. You will learn wrong.
Do you know your boss’ ways? Do you spend time with him to learn his ways? Do you even know who your boss is? How do you manage your house? Your physical house? Your spiritual house?
Best thing about our "Boss" is that He will not fire you, you have to quit.
To bad most fokes never even apply...
markm, I have taken this study from Luke 12:35-48. Read 46, Jesus says that the servant that knows the masters will and does not do it will be cut to peaces and assigned a place with the unbeleivers. You are right our boss will not fire us but we can walk away by our choice, and not doing what the master askes of us and not doing his will. Jesus goes on to say, "everyone who who has been much, much will be demanded; and and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked". Luke 12:48 How many of us knows the Masters will but chose to cast a blind eye on it becouse it may interfear with the style of life we want to live. It's not our life, we were bought at a price we are slaves to Jesus Christ, we need to know His will setting ours aside as filthy rags.
Agreed! Just to add:

James 4:17 (New Living Translation)

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.
:D The Prayer of The Son to The Father at John,17: gives us an idea of what is expected of us as children of God. :D Read it and see if you agree :D