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How do numbers work in the Bible and Christian lives?

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Hi Guys!
I am dubious as to how numbers work in the Bible and in everyday life?
My number 'before' I surrendered my life to God was 251 (my lucky number). This was my home phone number when I was a child.
I see it everyday on numerous occasions, usually the time in digital from. That when I look up at a digital clock it has the numer combination of 251 in it, as in 12.50pm or 5.21am etc, and passages from the Bible, that I should pay attention to, that kind of thing. I believe now that this is the work of satan.
I asked God do these numbers have any significance to me and my life?
He said, no it does not, completely ignore it, it has no significance to you what so ever and that includes passages in the bible.
I have been advised that if you wake up in the night, you should take note of the number you see on the digital clock ie; 2:12 am (as in Chapter 2: verse 12) and go to the scriptures and read what it says, to help you with direction from God; guidance, hope, advice etc. (I don't know as yet how the name of who the scripture comes from ie; Mark, Luke or John etc).
Is this a valid way to receive advice from God, as to, what you should read from the Bible passages to guide/help you? Or do you think it could be the work of evil?
Thank you.