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How did you find TJ?

How did you find TJ?

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How did you come across TalkJesus. Where you just bored cruising on line or did someone tell you? I am just interested in the different ways people came across this site, or should I say, how God led them here :). God bless you all.
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I founded it by seeking my Savior Jesus Christ, His Heart and my Father's will in Heaven :)
I was looking for Christian ministry's to join with and fellowship with . Mike
I found TJ by looking for christian chat rooms.
I went to [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission] (ask jeeves) and found TJ.
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how I came here

I came here from an invitation of a best friend. I found that many other Christian sites havent matched up to the job description and there was a lot of dissention, politics and bad feeling as well as a lack of focus on the reason for us being Christians.

I like this place as folk pray without judging if there is a need and generally there is unity. We ALL need to pray to continue that trend as we should not be complacent.

God bless you.
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Jesus is Lord!


I asked the Lord to lead me to a Christian ministry online for counsel about the recent death of my grandmother, mother and aunt, and serious issues related to my professional practice (failed partnership).

I have found that Talk Jesus is a genuine fellowship of believers actively serving one another.

I am blessed to be a member of this fruitful ministry.

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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Wow, I haven't checked this thing out for a while. Well if you guys haven't noticed, most of us were just cruising online and Jesus led us to this site. There was a reason for it. That's so awesome. Thanks you guys for responding. Thank Jesus for leading us all here. and Thanks to Chad since he founded, or created this site with the help of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all. bye bye


I found TalkJesus through a search engine. But I think GOD had something to do with it also :). He has his way of doing things. :)
I found Talk Jesus by going on a search engine as well. I started reading the posts on this forum before joining. I joined because I felt encouraged and inspired by some of the posts that I was reading and how everyone on the site were encouraging each other in time of need for many people. I also feel that Jesus lead me here and I am very glad that he showed me to this site.
God bless
i was innocently reading over my sister's shoulder, and it looked pretty good, so i thought i'll join.
Stay Real
Jei :Smile:
As soon as you type in "Chat" Talk Jesus pops up on all search engines,
which is amazing that it just isnt under "christian chat".
As there is power in the name of Jesus, for the lost souls.

i was looking for a christian chat room, and this is the first one i went to, i dont need to go anywhere else.

I love the name " Talk Jesus" it appealed to me straight away, as thats what its all about talking about our lord and what hes done.
Jekyll&Hyde said:
my wife Peeps found it and showed it to me....im glad she did!

well I wanted to find someone online, serious ppl who help and catch me coming out of a huge churchmess and taking a HUGE timeout from 6 months. . .couldnt turn anywhere. . the only german, christian site we have . . .there was just on-top-of-the-surface youth. . .couldnt get no one to talk to me for nothing serious. . i remembered coming to faith in America, meeting Jesus in englisch . .. so I figured: Why not try worldwide christian chat. . .God led me directly here :love: and I got pulled into community smelling the sweet aroma of Jesus Christ in here :love: my daughter and my hubby became members here on TJ too . . .our boys like the arcade and our youngest daughter knows bunch of the TJ fam by name already . .. since we exchange news with each other constantly :love: . . .so. . .thank you all for becoming our online family :love: Thanks for catching all of us and serving us with your time, prayer and love :love: God bless every single one of you abundantly :love: Thanks Chad for the open doors :love: God bless you and your lifeservice to this website :love:

We returned back to churchservice and childrens department in September, we are back into work and hopefully will be able to support our church again on full devotion and love. . .just like you all did to us :love:
We will still be here though .. dont worry . .unless you ban us . . we wont move a foot away from our family :love: See ya all later :love:
Actually I found it on the Chris Rice website. He was great music. Listen to the song "Come To Jesus".
i think that is a really good poll princessa487 i just was on the computer just thought it would be good to get a christian one to just have a little fun so yea