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How can we ever say thankyou!!!!

I love the Lord more than I can ever say. It is the strangest feeling. You cannot quite explain it or understand it but i suppose that is why they call it supernatural when it is actually the most natural thing any human can do. The reason for our creation. To love, honour and worship the Lord. Only with complete surrender and submission comes true freedom.

It is awesome. God is awesome. I have been praying for the same person for more than 4 years and everyone told me to give up. That he was not teachable or that he wil never amount to anything because of how he was raised or that i should leave him because he will drag me down with him but God had bigger plans for the both of us and today i am proud to be able to call him my best friend.

He is a true child of God who lives to serve and to worship. The point of my story is that God did not make mistakes and He created all of us. No matter how bleak the situation may look NEVER GIVE UP ON ANYBODY. If God walked the earth with that kind of attitude we would all be lost.

He forgives us time and time again. How dare we do anything less for those around us.

Esther :love:
That is awesome, and we as members of the Body of Christ thank God for your perserverence.

Peace be with you,
Your Brother in Christ,
:love: :thumbs_up

That's brillent Star, we should never give up, we are all Gods creation.

My wife prayed me in the Kingdom . And not without a fight from me . Never give up hope , but in the same way , never stop growing in God while you are hoping . :love: :boy_hug: Mike