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How are you affected by Covid-19 in your local area?

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Is your local area affected....huge restrictions, shortages etc

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Greetings dear brothers and sisters

How is your local area affected by Covid-19?
Are there shortages and restrictions?

Please share.

Let's use this thread to pray for one another....To lift up those in need and to thank the Lord for His goodness. ❤

In our coastal country town in South Australia which is away from the city, the supermarkets are depleted.
Fruit and vegetables are in good supply....Praise the Lord.
But items such as toilet paper, nappies, rice, pasta are out of stock.
There has been panic buying.
The streets are eerily quiet.
It's been similar in London for the past 10 days. Now we are on lockdown. We're allowed out of our homes to buy essentials, and to exercise once a day. I've been working at home for two weeks. Very strange being isolated in this way, and participating in church by internet video only.

I'm starting to get the first reports of friends and colleagues losing family members; others who are dangerously ill.

Also, there's evangelists who are doing creative work, finding ways to build relationships and develop conversations about the gospel at a time when everybody is thinking about life and death.
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Very hard to say on my end. But shortages not quite sure.
People per se news, inconvenient I think in our area. I have been out maybe 2-3 times in the last 30 days. Just playing it safe. I had been paying attention since December, and perceived a “Pandemic” Now everyone around here is scared to death. Throw my words off like water on a ducks back. daughter flying across the world and everywhere else. Site seeing.
Now everybody is scared, it seems like I’m not. Everybody talking about it now, I am not. People has been coming over to your house, call them selves checking on you. Walking straight in, who have been everywhere! And they are your friends, who you have been warning or trying to since December and taking precautions. LOL! Look like everyone going to be expose. Personally I think USA and Australia, outside of “Italy” is going to be hit the hardest! And I think you know it too.
“Domino effect is suspected”. “Just take it one day at a time” the comfort we receive is “That GOD controls everything”. For we live in “The Providence of GOD”!
Yes there are extreme restrictions in our area. We can't walk 200m away from home. We can just drive to places not away from our province. For other places we need a special permit explaining the reasons. Praise to God we still don't have shortage of food and as a charity organisation we even still receive donations of it. We can not go out and perform our duties and work, therefore there is no income at the moment. As we are staying and living here all together in this Christian community, the only worry is that the virus doesn't come in, because if it really comes it will be really difficult to get rid of it as we are around 20 persons living under the same roof. I already had my doubts about this virus as several persons and myself included got flu for the past few weeks. I am already better and none of the others got really bad. We even called medical assistance to check out for one of the persons when he first got it, but they strangely didn't come and told us to call them back if he gets worse. But he didn't. So this is a reason to pray that God can keep us safe from this virus and even if we get it to give us a wisdom how to face the situation.
I hope so. Our faith is put on a test. Different kind of test. It looks like we are in front of something unknown. We feel discouraged sometimes here. In the same time we need to uplift the people next to us and give them hope. The only hope is in the Lord. The news concerning the virus are getting worse by day. And I am just thinking what am I doing for it, what can I do? Just to pray I think. I personally feel fine now. These past days I had some tough moments and felt discouraged and asked myself questions. I actually think that I received the answer, that yes I am here in the right place and time. So this it is. Just keep us in prayer. I think everyone needs it now.