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Im still here and have finally made a decision that will direct the path infront of me. I gave my heart again to the lord, this time there is no turning back. All that the world has to offer I have experience some bad and some good. But the truth is that nothing make me as happy as when I know Im going to church, I feel God pressence and it washes over me when Im there, and it just calms me.
For sometime when Im alone, I catch my self praying or singing a tune. Immediately Im content, and I dont want to lose this feeling, I want to grow and exceed my own limitations to fulfill all my dreams.
Its sad, that suicide goes through my mind every chance it gets, or temptation to start smoking up again. I hate doing things like that and thinking that, but at the time to be honest I felt it would help, man was I wrong. All it brings is guilt and more temptation, worse it leads me away from the one thing that makes me happy, God. Only one person for along time has known that with all my heart I love god, even if I dont show it. Im to shy, no scared to let other people know, but may with this I stand and say I BELIEVE!

this brings me to my point in writting this..... i need alot of help. I need to know how to forgive and how to move on, to know how to renew my mind, to become stronger, to read/understand the bible, to learn to trust, to be loved, and more important how to get closer to God.

If you can help please do, anything could help.
Hey Beardy :love: just want to let you know :love: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU :love: im off to work right now but wanted to let you know:
You are not alone in all this :love: lots of us right here on TJ are in the same progress or have been there-done that-bought the T-shirt AND recovered and are just a slight step ahead to help you out and guide you further :love:
So dont hide and be shy, come out and keep searchin ok
Show that evil one that your FIGHTING BACK :love:

Daily Wisdom
Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Ephesians 6:13

I will write more later, right now i have to speed up some lol God bless you and dont ever forget: You are not alone in this!!! Keep pressin on, cling onto Jesus :love: Keep searchin the forum for great encouraging threads and find ppl who will pray with you and lift you up to our father :love:

cu later sweetie God bless you again :love:
Staff Member
Hello sister Beardy. I hope the below helps you.

Forgive othres, GOD will forgive you

Matthew 6:14-15
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Trust GOD faithfully

Psalm 32:10
Many are the woes of the wicked, but the LORD's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him.

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Jeremiah 39:18
I will save you; you will not fall by the sword but will escape with your life, because you trust in me, declares the LORD.'

Faith Heals

Mark 10:52
"Go," said Jesus, "your faith has healed you." Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.

Luke 18:42
Jesus said to him, "Receive your sight; your faith has healed you."

How do we grow closer to GOD and mature in our faith?

1. Pray daily, as much as you can. Believe and be sincere
2. Repent of your sins
3. Read the Bible as much as you can (study it, meditate on the Word you read)
4. Surround yourself with other believers and learn from them, even on Talk Jesus
5. Exercise your faith. Think of higher goals but always keep your focus on GOD's will not yours.
All i can actually offer is my Prayer towards you. i cannot give you any liek Wisdomic advice or somehtign.. LOL if that's a word. but yeah i will be Prayign for you to stick in there and good on ya for again makign that Step...

Love simon!!!
Beardy, take this hug (((((((((Beardy)))))))))) and keep it with you all day. And do take peeps' and Chad's good advice. There are so many here, including me, who literally love and care about you. It's not just words. Through Jesus we are bonded as brothers and sisters forever. We are a family that cannot be parted. Lean on us whenever you need.

How to forgive, place yourself in the other persons shoes....feel what that other person would feel.
Forgiving yourself, something I've struggled with, that's also important and much more difficult IMO, but possible. If Jesus would forgive you for anything, you should be able to also. Accept His forgiveness.
Moving on...that comes with forgiveness.
Renewing your mind, becoming stronger, understanding the Bible and getting closer to God....prayer, prayer and more prayer. Like Chad said, if you surround yourself with Christian people, attitudes and activities, it all just seems to fall into place.

In your title, you asked "can I?"
God can for you! If you pray for God to take the "cup" from your hand and deliver you from your troubles, He will do it. Surrender control to Him. Truly surrender completely. He has done it for me and He wants to do it for you, too.

God Bless you, Sister Beardy. My prayers are with you.

Amen! :love:
PRAISE GOD!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! Oh Beardy, I am SO glad to hear from you & even more excited to know you gave your heart to Jesus!! I have prayed for you, as have many others here - never let satan tell you no one cares. You sound as if you have matured so much since the turmoil you were going thru. God has refreshed you & renewed your mind.

He will continue to do so. Now, let's look at your questions.

How to forgive & move on: pray for those who have hurt you. It may be hard at first, but start with simple things. Pray to see them thru God's Eyes. You can't make the hurt go away - only God can do that. By praying for them, you are opening the door to His healing.

Renewing your mind & becoming stronger: these 2 do go together. The best way to do this is answered in your next question - read the Bible. One other thing I'd like to add is to keep a prayer list. Write down the things you are praying for & then also write down when those prayers are answered. It exercises your faith & faith exercised is faith that grows. Your mind will automatically be renewed once that happens. Again...that part is not a conscious effort - God will do it.

Reading your Bible: find a translation that you easily understand. I used NIV but have also read the Living Bible (more "today" language), the Amplified Bible (longer explanations of each scripture) & the Message Bible (more conversational style). I'll be glad to talk with you more on this or any question - feel free to PM me. Make reading your Bible a regular thing - daily or several times daily. Keep one handy in several places - the bathroom, your car, etc.

Trusting: trust in God primarily. Pray for Him to give you Christian friends - pray for Him to put people in your path. He will provide ALL your needs, including feeling loved.

When you start to read your Bible, begin in John. John speaks of a personal Jesus & shows the loving side of Him so clearly.

You are on your way to growing closer to Him...let Him guide you.

You need like every other believers to be discipled if you have discipleship classes being taught in your church get involved because these classes will help answer alot of your questions. If not then simply pray for wisdom knowledge and understanding on this subject and God will do the rest. There is a process God takes us all through in order to get us where He wants us to be but what happens most of the time people give up half way through the process because they allow condemnation and feelings of rejection and unworthiness to consume their thoughts because they have this preconceived notion about salvation. Salvation comes over night but the healing process may take a life time. Just remeber we are all saved by grace not by any goodness of our own. So be patient with yourself while going through the process until your mind is completely renewed by God for His glory.
Be Blessed!

Yea saphire is right the best way to forgive is to pray for the people you need to forgive. I know I've had very large problems with unforgivness and hatred that God just recently healed me from, and he did it when I prayed for the person I hated most. One more note you should pray and ask God to show stuff you haven't forgiving peopel for that you mioght have forgotten about.

well ive been reading more but to be honest i dont really have a bible just this little one that I got in like the 4th grade, its helped but probably not as much as I would have liked it to..

thank you all for your words and also im going and not as afraid. just got to keep going but im doing what i need to, even if things are a little crazy but I guess that is just how life is... so if you have anymore advice please I'd love to hear it.
Hi Beardy, can you get another Bible? It sounds like the one you have may just have the New Testament? Is that right? That's where you would want to start anyway, but be sure to try to read Psalms & Proverbs too. One good thing to do is to read one of each daily. There are 31 Proverbs so you will get thru in a month.

Are you keeping your prayer list & writing when prayers have been answered? It's easy to forget sometimes unless it's a daily thing. Setting aside a certain time of the day to be with God helps some people get established with doing it.

One more....find something each day to praise God for & praise Him for it all day long each time it comes to mind.

Ok...now one more....if you have something that is troubling you, each time it comes to mind, give God praise for being in control of it. Keep praying about it also, but giving praise for it is sure to make Him smile. It shows you are trusting Him.