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Hosta Lilies

Staff Member
Hosta Lilies - August 28, 2006
Many years ago I bought and planted in my yard my first hostas. These hardy perennials grow in clumps and flower once a year. I knew when I bought them they could be divided by just cutting each clump apart and replanting it. I have many hostas now, and early spring is the time of the year I divide and share my hosta lilies.
As I divided these plants, boxed them up, delivered them to friends and helped replant them, I wondered if I shared important things just as freely.
When was the last time I verbally shared my joy in walking the Christian walk? Or what did it mean to me to have Christ to lean on while my husband went through cancer surgery? When did I tell a friend in the secular world how God has revealed spiritual understanding to me through all the Bible studies He has opened for me? What have I said that might make a difference in the life of someone for the cause of Christ? I must remember to be bold and speak about the wonderful way God has taken me, personally, by the hand, and led me down His magnificent path.
Probably more important than just talking about my faith to others is living it moment by moment, day by day. What do my actions reflect to my husband and children? To neighbors, relatives, members of my church, and prayer partners? Do I live my life as if I were indwelled by the Holy Spirit? Do I give generously as God has told me to do? What about praying for others, and putting their needs ahead of mine? Do I get so busy with the urgent, that I neglect the eternal important?
I want to divide and share all of the peace, beauty, assurance and love God has given me. These are gifts are just too good to keep to myself! I pray I will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in each of these matters and follow His directions as He places them on my heart.
All these questions are applicable to you also! Is it time to take inventory? Let's divide and share what we have experienced with God and learned through our daily walk in life.
Contributed by Marion Smith: [email protected] Comments/Feedback are welcome.
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